How to get out of the truck?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by exmarkking, Mar 14, 2013.

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    CollegeMowers has given you some excellent advice, especially regarding your pricing.

    Let your worker be in charge, drive the truck, and mow for a day, then a few days, then a week. Make sure he is someone you would trust with your customers and your equipment.

    You could then hire a part time worker. Do some properties as a three man crew, and also let your worker and the part timer do a few of your least important properties. This combination should let you add a few more accounts, test your worker as a crew leader, and give you a some time to sell more/run your business.

    You can continue to grow this way until your part timer becomes full time without much additional expense. You can check your pricing by making sure you are still making money with a 3 man crew. If are profitable enough to put back some cash to pay for a truck and equipment for a 2nd crew you should be in pretty good shape.
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    I'm in the exact same boat as you. I have two different divisions, landscape & maintenance that are headed by myself and my business partner. What i'm working to do is transition out of maintenance and into a management role. One thing I'm gonna be doing more of is what 205mx said. I'm gonna let my employees handle the mowing, weedeating, trimming, ect. Meanwhile I can handle calls, office work, ect but also I can pull weeds, spray, ect to improve my properties and still keep an eye on everything. I'm hoping this will allow me to start grooming my lead guy to take over.
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    If a major concern is the upkeep of equipment you could make sure there is a time once per week to do equipment checks and cleaning, or once every two weeks or what you see fit. This may encourage employees to keep equipment looking and running better so that this day will not take up their free time, make that day a day that everyone is paid minimum wage to encourage them to keep equipment in proper order?
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    Keep them coming!! I love all the info I'm getting from the ones who have made the jump over to the other side. Thanks
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    Im the complete opposite....I haven't found anyone who can do even close to as good of a job as I can. I had one former employee who could run the show and his quality was great...but the sad part is he went to work for a pest control company making $70K a year. No way I can hire a maintenance tech at that rate :laugh:
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    Exmarkking, how'd it go, did you relinquish control last year? Any updates?
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    My findings have been that no one (even your best friends or family) will ever take as good of care of your equipment as you have... If they are someone you trust, they will try and they will have great intentions but the more you grow the more things just happen to break or get worn out without anyone knowing "what happened".

    One of my biggest struggles in this transformation is properly training someone to "Manage" a crew. The guy who took over my lawn truck does an amazing job of lawn service himself, but still after 3+ years of running my lawn crew absolutely struggles to the core with managing his crew on a job site. Which to me sounds incredibly poor when written since they service the same damn 100 yards every week. I can take his 2 crew members out and finish his cut list for the day in sometimes 1-2 hours faster, yet no one can explain why we moved along any quicker...

    Getting out of the truck on a daily basis certainly gives you freedoms to run and grow your business but brings on a whole different sector of headaches it seems.
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    Please keep the advice coming in, this is exactly where I am at in my current biz I need to get out of the truck to grow it any more, just very apprehensive. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, some really good thought IMO.
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    I'm also in the process of completely removing myself from the field this year, I tried last year but it never worked out so I ended up still part time in the field, it's a really hard transition. Weather is a huge issue also, keeping everybody busy when it's raining and they need to work, if you don't work them they go elsewhere.
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    Was the lack of available work the main factor you couldn't get/stay out of the truck? Please indulge if you don't mind.


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