How to get rid of bamboo?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tantov, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. tantov

    tantov LawnSite Member
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    :help: I am new to Landscaping, and i am learning as i go.
    there is this job i need to give an estimate for removing bamboo... i would call it forest- it is pretty dense. It is about 50'X60' area. I can cut it, that is easy. But how to get rid of it so it doesnt come back? What do you guys think?
  2. captken

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    you might consider digging it up lol. It is used in earthquake prone areas in some countries to hold the earth together when it quakes!

    The dirt around the bamboo is probably hard as cement. And the roots tenacious. Its the roots damit!

    You can try cutting it down, pouring roundup on it afterwards....

    I had a project to prevent the enrochment of bamboo. First I isolated it, then contracted a track hoe to dig a trench 3' [feet] deep, 2' [feet] wide along the area to be contained then filled the trench with concrete! to keep it from spreading via it's roots.
  3. ProCare Lawn Service

    ProCare Lawn Service LawnSite Member
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    Buy some panda bears and let them eat it. They eat bamboo or cane, I can never remember which.
  4. captken

    captken LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I had the idea to harvest the bamboo and donate it to the Memphis Zoo....They had the Pandas Fed Exed from China and I thought this great publicity...Called the Memphis Zoo...guess what...they say their pandas won't eat it...they are finicky...the Bamboo for the Memphis Pandas is flown in guessed it China...[how much can it cost to overnight the bamboo from China?] I guess from the Pandas point of view, getting delicacies from home via overnight delivery, is comforting...and helps them too, know...propagate
  5. ProCare Lawn Service

    ProCare Lawn Service LawnSite Member
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    That is hilarious cap.
  6. LawnBrother

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    Old Chinese proverb(jk) Once you have bamboo, you always have bamboo.
    Good luck. the roots go DEEP. Nearly impossible to permenantly remove it. And be careful cutting it, as it splinters. and will slit you like a razor.
  7. a a green

    a a green LawnSite Member
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    from what I know about the bamboo around here, it is a real pain....
    but you can dig it all out. I would recommend like posted earlier, use a strong loader or skid steer.
  8. geogunn

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    from TN
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    very interesting subject because my neighbor across the street (luckily) has cut a stand of the stuff and is now digging out the roots.

    it is incredible the run those roots have!

    GEO :dizzy:
  9. a a green

    a a green LawnSite Member
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    Hey maybe a box blade with those heavy teeth. I know those roots are something else. just gotta get as deep as you can to make sure they are all out.

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