How to get rid of clover

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  1. Wright48

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    I am having a hard time getting rid of clover at one customers property both naighbors have horrible lawns and i think thats were all these weeds are coming from they they both had landscapers last year with chem. apps and this year i guess the couldnt afford it so there lawns have gone to weeds and clover and its effecting my account now so how do i get rid of this clover problem ?
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    Do a search since this is about the 3rd time in the last week on clover issues...
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    What kind of clover? White clover is controlled well with Momentum, as I have found out this season.
  4. THC

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    I killed green with trillium. There was so much I thought it was going to leave patches of dirt but the lawn is fine.
  5. Wright48

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    its green clover
  6. tremor

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    White Cover has a white flower. Red Clover has a purple flower. All clover has green leaves. A licensed applicator would know this & that triclopyr, dicamba & clopyralid make short work of all clover.

    This is basic stuff for a licensed applicator.
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