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How to get started?

little green guy

LawnSite Senior Member
Sorry guys I know you probly get sick of aswering these type of questions but I want to get my lisense. I was just wondering a couple things like, how hard is it to get, is there an age reqirment and do you ever have to renew it or anytrhing? . If you guys have any other tips that would make it easier I would REALY apreciate it. THANKS


LawnSite Bronze Member
Somerset, NJ
Since you're in my back yard I'll get you started. I can't find anywhere in my info (looked quickly) about an age requirement, although I would believe it is 18. Each state has its own pesticide regulations as well as federal regulations. Getting licensed is not difficult if you can read & comprehend well. Check out this link that covers your questions & more, and then if you have any more unanswered questions let us know. Good luck.

little green guy

little green guy

LawnSite Senior Member
Thanks alot BRL. As for the age thing, I'm not 18 yet, I still have a little over a year but I knew a kid who is 18, he worked at a golf course and had his lisense but I'm not sure if he got it before he turned 18 or not. Anyway if it is 18 I guess I could still get the material to study and as soon as I turn 18 I'll get my license. THANKS