How to get the drawing to scale on the ground

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jgrand, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. jgrand

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    What is the best approach to getting the curves on the drawing paper properly scaled at the project site. Obviously with a square or rectangle it is easy to pull a tape and fine the corners but I am having trouble relaying the measurements on paper to the project area. Anyone have any tips?
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    Your drawing should tell you the radius and the location of the center point
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    Exactly. I attached the layout drawing for one of last year's projects. If you do it this way (especially if you're working in a CAD program) if you're really bored one February day you can pull up the Google Maps satellite imagery and check that it overlays the drawing perfectly.

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    I use realtime landscaper pro, with the grid on its pretty easy to measure around. I tell people theyre natural curves. The drawing is a sales tool, and not a hard blueprint.
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    One method is to draw a line on the plan that you can easily re-create in the field (ie, a parallel line running 10' off of a building wall). Then draw perpendicular lines perpendicular to that line every so many feet in the drawing. Measure the length of each. Put a hundred foot tape on that line in the field and measure off of it accordingly.

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