how to get the foot in the door with commercial accounts

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    what are the steps i need to be taking. up untill now we have delt 100 percent residential, along with some accounts we have with real estate companies and vacant lots.

    as far as how to bid in such a way as to get the job.
    what they expect to be done.
    what is needed (licencere/ insurance)

    lets just say doing a burger king or a mcdonalds, what is reasonable for a complete maintinance bid?

    KNOW HOWE Lawn and Landscape, Ltd.
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    Most commercial accounts require, at the very least, insurance. Your taking a risk not having them now. Your profile says that your 15, I don't know if you can aquire these at your age. But at least look into it.
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    have ins, and work for minimum wage, and u r in
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    First of all you will need $2mil liability minimum. Some require $5mil
    Wormans comp, Disability and $1mil automotive

    You had best have a pesticide license as well.

    Get those. Then we'll talk
  5. dvmcmrhp52

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    It ain't what you,know it's WHO................;)
  6. double e

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    Make some calls to parks and big bus. in Oct-Nov., most send out bids Jan- March-

    Be carefull on big Commercial accounts- Some big business cut them around here for nothing-
    I bid on a mobile home park for $1900 per cutting- A big company bid $1000- They send 10 guys in there for 8 hrs.- Thats about $15 per man hr.

    If you go commercial- keep some residential-
    Big commercial accounts are ussaully year to year- could have 10 account one year and 3 the next- don't put all your eggs in one basket

    I'm giving you a lot of negative comments on commercial- We do a couple, and they do work good for us. Just think them through- know your pricing- don't negotiate a big account price, just b/c you want it really want it bad- You'll lose your shirt
    Personally we make good on all our commercial accounts b?c we bid so high- we only get about %10 percent of our bids- but when we get them were happy cause were making a killing
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    .....ya blow?
  8. dvmcmrhp52

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    Come to Pa. and I'll show ya what I blow.
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    I would go buy the templates that are listed at the top of the Lawn Care page. I bought them and they are a great investment. Just to let you know dont get your hopes up if you send out 50 bids and thinking that you might get them all. I sent out that many and only got two. I would just drive around and get some names off some places and send them a letter that you are interested in there lawn care. What part of the cities do you live in? I live in Rose Creek, its by Austin if you know where that is. Best of luck.
  10. dvmcmrhp52

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    If you were just adding to MY statement I apologize.
    Just reread it and I may have taken it the wrong way.

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