How to get the money to get started.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grassboy, Mar 14, 2000.

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    Hello CjcLand:<p>This is a little off topic for this post, but personally speaking cjcland.<p>I think the reason a lot of companies go out of business in the first 2 years is they don't save enough money. This I think is the # 1 reason.<p>Just because a person makes enough money to pay all the bills then they take the rest & pay themselves the difference of whats left. I think this is a BIG NO NO!<p>I know it's hard to pay yourself a very small salary & let those bucks build up in the bank. But if you don't the Big Bear will get you sooner or later.<p>It's OK to pay yourself just say $500 a week or so & have a extra 10K to 12K in the bank or more. When you get to that point, life will be a lot easier. Because you are not having to worry that much about finacial problems. That's when you can pay cash & also buy in quanity.<p>Since I was self employed & it almost killed me mentally I tried to train my self to put at least 25% in savings at all times or more. Then this gave me enough for taxes & unexpected expenses. <p>Then when I got through a year after taxes I would then put that in a seperate account. It will surprise your self how fast it adds up!<p>Then when I had plenty of reserve cash, I would give my self a raise. Sometimes I would just dip a healthy amount out of savings for items for the house hold or whatever & pay cash. Borrowing money can put a bad hurting on you.<p>It worked for me & I never regretted it once!<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page
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    Grassboy I am 18 I have been mowing for the past 8 years I started out with my dads 21&quot; honda. I mowed for about four years with it I was mowing somewhere around 13 yards a week when I was 12 and bought some other equipment. I would buy homelite from wal-mart. A few years later I bought a 12x5 trailer brand new and put some baskets on it and a weedeater rack. Then I bought a used woods mow-n-machine for 600 dollars, all my 2-cycle equipment was echo. I later sold my woods and bought a gravely 36&quot; walk behind for 550 dollars and mowed for one year with it while I wasn't making any payments I was saving my money to get some new equipment I had thousands in the bank it gave me some security when things broke the only downtime I had was the hour it took me to go to my dealer and get a new one. I am going full time this summer and have money to get going. There are things you are going to need money for besides equipment. Just last month I bought a brand new toro z-master. Starting out with my little 21&quot; mower to a trailer full of equipment and one of the most prestiges lawn services in my area. I got here by not jumping in the deep end but letting time do its work. Keep your equipment nice, say yes mam/sir, don't use foul language on the job, and your yards in tip top shape and the money and epuipment will come. Also keep your level of professionlism whenever in public places even if your not working. <p>--------------<p>Exquisite Lawn Services<br>Floridia
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    I agree with everything snake said. I did pratically the same thing.

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