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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Alexis, Apr 22, 2014.

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    How do I grow my business to the next level?
    We are a 2 woman landscaping company in Richmond VA. We love the work and excited about expanding. After a few years of being officially licensed and working to grow the company we are suddenly slammed with work. We have one reliable employee we have recently taken on, but we are feeling the strain of being overwhelmed with returning calls from customers while getting jobs done everyday and then coming home to do designs and somehow schedule estimates in. I know that hiring on more employees is necessary, as is getting another truck. I am wondering how do you find long-term, reliable employees? How do you go from working to managing people everyday, ie should i just drive around managing others at job sites? Also, what are the expenses I can expect for taking on crew? I guess my biggest question is how do I make a profit as I expand the business?
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    "Do I just drive around"

    I think you need to evaluate what you're doing.
    The whole idea is to make money. I would hold off 6 months on the growth, put some money In the bank. Then plan for rapid expansion.

    A lot of the problem is folks in this industry aren't great at managing or running their business. Some of the questions you've asked point to that.
    You do seem very anxious and scattered. There's nothing wrong with this. But you have to "keep it real" when making a personal assessment. It really is for the best to admit where you're lacking.

    I would hire an office manager or secretary. And be a crew leader of one and have your partner be a crew leader of another. Have your secretary take care of calls. One of you agree to be back to the office by 1pm. From 1-5 do estimates and designs.
    The other is the supervisor for both trucks. So you don't have to worry about that.

    You need specific job descriptions and do not fall trap to thinking nobody can do the job but you two.
    Hope this helps.
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    Also look at the business, not the work, and see where you can increase the effiiency. Are you wasting hours a week doing the schedule, payments, invoices, customers, etc? An app like Jobber, SAP, or Loqus could free up alot of time and simplify the day to day operations. Thus giving you more time to work ON the business, and not IN the business. Do you have any connections at larger companies in the area? They may have some great pointers for you. I have a large company around here that I can turn to with any questions and get an honest answer. They are like my $1,000,000+ mentor and the fact that they have already done everything I am doing, is a valuable resource.
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    Thank you two for your valuable input!

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