How to handle a Dealer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BENTLEY'S, Sep 28, 2005.


    BENTLEY'S LawnSite Member
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    04 Exmark Viking in for repair to crankshaft caused by a loose pulley. I call after a week. Total shop time of 16 days to date. Waiting on head gasket. Okay. Two days later that changes to waiting on new pulley. They send wrong pulley. I call Exmark for some help on getting the right part. At 5:00 I get a call from the dealer stating that I need to get the part myself!
    How do I respond?

  2. Nosmo

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    Hmmmmmmmm. I'd say you probably were telling X Mark the problems you were having with the dealer and they contacted him.

    He is letting you know you are on your own and if you have any warranty work done by him he is not going to be in any hurry to help you out.

    Might be a good idea to find another X Mark dealer.

  3. AtlYardWorks

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    Man, that sucks. I would also look for another dealer. Good luck!
  4. dcondon

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    Just as you say, I would find another dealer. Our dealer will take parts of from a showroom model to get us going again!!
  5. wowlawncare

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    Yea id deff say get another dealer. Any good deaelr should take a part off an instock modle. Thats just good business.
  6. TClawn

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    I would RUN. has this dealer done stuff like this to you before? if you ask me, anything that takes over week in the shop better be pretty major. especially if you are a good commercial customer.

    If you really need the mower back now, what about the exmark parts plus, or I think that is what it is called. they ship the part to you over night or it is free.

    I would find another dealer.
  7. lawnman_scott

    lawnman_scott LawnSite Fanatic
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    I say find a new dealer as well, a dealer waiting for head gaskets or a pulley is useless anyway.
  8. DLCS

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    Time for a new dealer. Should have those parts next day for you. You can't be down waiting on a critical part.

    BENTLEY'S LawnSite Member
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    OH! It gets better. The nearest dealer is an hour drive across town. The distributer wants me to go there to pick up the pulley. Which is being overnighted. Then hand deliver it to my dealer.
    HOPEFULLY my dealer will correctly finish this repair.
    All future repairs will have to be made at this other dealer. I'm not going to like a 2 hour round trip for a future repair. No I will not being doing any more business with this dealer. He was also my sthil dealer. Good thing I just bought my BR600 and a new trimmer 3 weeks ago.

  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Mine is 35 mins each way my first dealer was 45 mins each way I hate the drive but its well worth it when you have a great dealer. Funny thing was I thought I had a good dealer 2 years back as he was the best of the 4 I had ever been too. Then Exmark fired them and I had to switch was not till then that I realized how bad that dealer sucked. When you finally get a dealer that will bend of backwards for you there is no going back. Had my lesco renovator go down this week would not start my exmark dealer does not sell that obviously. I called him asked if he could help bring it by he said he spend 1 hour out side with me would not even allow me to pay him for the time and lets just say it runs great again thanks to him. Another time he stayed to 12:30 am so I could pick up 2 new mowers I was buying and needed for my lawns the next day. I even get credit and can pay for items a month or so later when money is tight. If you have not found that dealer quality yet keep your eyes open it is an awesome thing to have a partner to help you rather then someone trying to make a quick buck on you.

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