How to hire/pay employees?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by vharman4, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Call up your insurance agent. Ask them for the name of the payroll company they recommend. Then you call them up they will take care of workers comp. state taxes everything. They will hold your hand and make sure your all set up. Another method is call up a few local guys and ask who they use for payroll and they may give you a hint who is good around you.

    Now your job is finding good guys. My personal recommendation is stay away from craigs list, You will get about 300 calls or e-mails of the guys no one else wants.

    Starting pay. Start everyone at $10. tell them they work for a week and then you pay them out on Friday and you will talk over with them what you feel they are worth to you.

    Interview. Make them run the equipment, people lie there is no question about that. They will tell you that their mother is purple if you want to believe it. Ask them to back the truck up in front of you, make them weed whack, and use a mower. Because we all know there is a difference in being able to move the equipment and responsibly using it.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions if theres something I can help with I give you a hand.

    And what happens a lot is guys say oh well it took longer than you know it should. They are just trying to be lazy, Give them a list and tell them this is done by the end of the day. If they cant get it done and done right in the time set they arent for you. There are too many lazy people out there trying to act as if your rates cant be done. Dont be afraid to tell them how long they have to do it, all while still demanding your level of quality.
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    If most employees that quit on you, didn't show up next day, you called them just to verify they are alive they didn't call back for a week and when their payday would come, you d receive a phone call , Where can I meet you to get my money after you talked and was curious why they didn't show up, you'd ask them if work was to hard they say o no everything was fine, then you would ask why you put me on spot like that or ask them if I mistreated them anyways none of them ever say anything bad . Why you think people do that? Not show up, don't call, ignore you for a week then call in like everything is perfect
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    to help put a stop to this, i would pay my employees on mondays. it seemed to work, they would show up all the time, and they hated it untill they got there check b/c they wouldnt blow though the money over the weekend, hopfully that makes sense to you all!!
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    All employees sign an employment contract. It list all the pay stipulations, taxes, unemployment and that good stuff. Then we list all of the things such as must have reliable transportation, phone, work boots we provide x amount of shirts, pants and safety gear. Then we go into detail as how the work will be performed and what is expected. If they break the contract 3 times they are gone!

    It started out as a 2 page piece of paper now it is up to 6 pages plus all of the IRS paper work required for a new hire. The sad thing is we have developed such a good screening process. We have learned how to eliminate 90% of the idiots during the first interview over the years. Our only problem is our standards are so high that when we get ppl with exp. we usually have to retrain them. Also we start at 10 per hour with the availability to earn a bonus each week. Next year if we ask them back they get an automatic $1 per hour increase. Foreman once trained starts at $15 then goes up from there. It is nothing but a learning process from day one till you die. No matter what never trust anyone always have a back up plan and always monitor the system.
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    why am i not surprised to see all of the worthless negative feedback? i hate how someone asks a question and gets the responses you did...

    i've had friends help in the past, that's the easiest way to get help...other than that you can do the stuff that was previously said, which i think was contact a local employment office...taxes suck, we don't have it down perfect yet, and really it's not hard it's just something you have to get used to and stay on top of...our tax guy does all of our taxes, that is employees and all...we basically pay $10/hr if not more considering the circumstances for employees...remember, if you are doing it right which it looks like u r asking then a $10/hr employee ends up being $14 or so with work comp., taxes, etc...

    that's the basics, hope this helps
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    thanks for the help guys.. does anyone use the payroll system available through quick books? i think that might be a bit cheaper than hiring a payroll company...
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    its not about negativity....
    1. Search Function Know it use it...
    2. You've been in HS and college, chances are you not legit, and that rubs guys the wrong way...
    3. Have you ever worked for anyone before. How did they hire you?
    4. You are going from a solo op to hiring a crew to run thing while you are in school....You really think stuff is gonna get done the way it should be...???
    5. Most companies take baby steps. hiring a few guys to work WITH the boss until enough revenue is built up to cover costs with a true dedicated route without the boss tagging along.
    6. Chances are when you see how much its going to cost you to hire a crew to run things, you wont have enough profit left over to justify the costs.
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    Do these figures ($10/hr=$14 w/work comp, taxes) vary from each state? I'm in ohio and was wondering what a $10 employee would end up costing me? Anyone?
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    Unless you follow step 5 first.

    Threads like these are why I tell people to start out working for someone in this biz first.........

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    pretty much standard. i start guys at 9/hr and it costs me about 13.50/hr for them.

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