How to improve this fescue sod lawn?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by aVOLanche, Jun 8, 2005.

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    I have a 1 1/2 year old sod(tall fescue) front lawn that is in it's second summer season.Last year it was georgeous,thick,green,etc.This year it has a lot of brown mixed with the green.It was aerated a year ago and overseeded.The back yard was not sod,and now is much better than the front.My neighbor has the same problem on his sod(same install time).He has Scotts do his fertilization,and it looks identical to my yard.

    I have an irrigation system and give it an inch a week(at one time).I have used Scott's fertilizer products,spring and Fall only.There is some thatch,but not real thick.I cut it with an Exmark at 3 1/2" weekly.I'm in Tennessee,where we hit the 80's this week probably for the rest of summer.What should I do?

    Also,how can I tell if I've found a GOOD lawn person.The folks that aerated it made 1 pass,spread the seed and were gone!So I'm not gonna call them back.Many thanks for any help!
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    It needs more water.Fescue requires 2-2.5inches of water per week.Try watering 3 times per week(like Mon-Wed-Fri).
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    I actually understated how much water the lawn gets.We typically have a good amount of rainfall in the spring.I rarely need to water until June.Last year(first summer),I watered 3 times a week to try to get deep root structure.I go by the old rule of thumb:"if it holds footprints,it needs water).

    I'll pay close attention to the amount of watering.Thanks.

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