How to increase PermaGreen spray

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. americanlawn

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    Does anybody know how I can double the "one quart per 1000 sq ft" on PermaGreen units?

    2 pumps?

    Eliminate the 2nd hoses?

    Motorcycle battery?

    I test drove a new Magnum, but saw the same thing....."spits" of herbicide that missed concrete areas the size of a nickle.

    My LESCO guy watched and agreed, cuz there's NO WAY small-leafed weeds could die. We have experienced this for too many years now.

    The Magnum has not solved this problem either >> same o same o.

    There's gotta be a better way??? I like the Ultras very much.

    rscvp, cuz any tips are appreciated. Thanks.

    p.s. I tried searching this site, but found nothing regarding this?? We also have two units tied up in repair shops who are trying to solves this problem.

    I'm trying every which way, so please do not scold me for not being able to find a previous post, cuz I can't find any.
  2. Nathan Robinson

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    why would you wanna do something silly like that? The magnum has 4 sprayers. Trim and broadspray. You would have to make it where all 4 sprayers spray at the same time and change the sprayer heads. I am assuming you are trying to spray fert in a low volume??? BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!! the idea is to spray (in most cases weed control) in low volume. And in my case pre-m in low volume.. Nathan
  3. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
    from midwest
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    Nathan - the idea of applying herbicide on the target pest is not "silly'. (in my oppinion)

    If you have objective suggestions, they are much appreciated.
  4. Grandview

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    American, I see two solutions to your problem. First use the large nozzle and drive in low gear. Second. Change to a larger nozzle, like a number seven or eight. I am going over my lawns for round one and seeing very few weeds. I went to a #2 nozzle.
  5. philk17088

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    If you are mixed at the right strenght and use a good spreader sticker it doesn't take more than a drop or two to control the weed. It is about absorbtion.
    I wonder if everybody here that compalins about weed control with the PG is mixing right
    I use trimec classic at 4pts per acre. That means I put in 3 PINTS of product in 8 galllons of water of the PG tank. I use surfactant in that every time also. I have had no problems with weed control
  6. theturfboss

    theturfboss LawnSite Member
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    americanlawn-I have some of the same feelings regarding spraying with the PG.
    Inherantly, low volume spraying is going to produce "holes" in the weed control. Changing to a larger battery will not help, at best it will only give you the maximum flow from the pump (1 GPM if I remember correctly on our Ultra). This would only help you if you are currently not getting max flow from the pump, which usually means the pump is not getting a full 12V. I like your second pump idea...One option would be to plum up a second identical pump from the tank and plum it directly to the 2 unused nozzles. You would have a pump running each set of nozzles, getting twice the volume on the turf. Remember to cut the rate of product in the tank in half. You would also need to change out the other set of nozzles to match the ones you are currently using (either high speed or low speed). FYI-I only use the high speed nozzles. We don't even have a second set on the machine. We have re-plumed the tubing to only supply the high speed set. After using a PG for 4 years now, we have noticed a drop in our weed control program. We currently hand spray (2 Gallon / 1000) for the Spring and Fall weed control applications, and use the PG to spot treat. Just my thoughts. Chris
  7. RigglePLC

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    i wrote you a long note and it disappeared! Here goes again--hope it does not duplicate.

    IMHO--a boomless nozzle uses bigger droplets. You may need more droplets per square inch. Take a look at the nozzle chart information.

    The experts say that the boomless nozzle is not as uniform as a boom sprayer. On concrete my Ultra leaves bands as it dries--about 24 inches from the tires. Got any photos of you pattern? For best coverage you need short break-away booms and several nozzles. Of course, smaller droplets cover better, but are more prone to drift.

    The Permagreen has a black plastic factory set pressure regulator on top of the tank. I think it is set at 10 psi. Try squeezing the tube closed with vise-locks--does that help? Maybe you could use an adjustable pressure regulator and a pressure guage. Maybe 40 pounds would suit you better. You might need a bigger (2 gpm) pump and a bigger battery to drive it.

    Or maybe you can install a mechanical pump and drive it with the drive belt, the tire, or put a pulley on the platter drive shaft.
  8. indyturf

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    Have you tried higher volume nozzle's? I would think that could be done easily. I have the magnum and have no problems controlling weeds and I have cut my W/C cost in half.
  9. Grandview

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    You can double your volume by using the black nozzle. The turbo flood jet nozzles that Permagreen uses come in two sizes larger. The light green nozzle would give you 50% more volume. Another option Replace the low speed nozzle with a light blue and open both nozzles, double your volume with two nozzles.
  10. lawnservice

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    hey, thats a good idea (scratching my head wondeing why we never thought of that?)

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