How to keep mulch from running downhill.


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This isn't an end all solution but it does help greatly if you don't want to go the full route and cost of edging. And even with edging you run the risk of pooling and having an overflow issue if the rain was fast and heavy enough. Upstream where you see you have a drain problem place a half dozen or so decorative rocks. We have used AR fieldstone but I guess that would vary on locale. Then do the same towards the end of the run. It will slow the speed of the washout and save some of your mulch. And I think it looks nice too. Make sure gutter downspouts arent also dumping into the mulched bed area. If it is try running a drain extension away from the downspout out of the bed area. My $ .02


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I've used a small section of soaker hose rather than edging (Colmet) for holding back some of the mulch. Works on mild grade, not at all on steep grades.


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I am up north in Connecticut area haven't seen much pine straw around. Is it easy to spread? Thank you for your response.
Didn't realize you were up north but check with your local nursery to see if they can get some bales of pine straw. Pine straw or any shredded type mulch will stay put better than mulch chips.

Also, you might try a search for rubber mulch mats. They are shaped like tree rings for trees and they have rolls that you can roll out and cut to fit.

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