How to keep the water out?

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I know I should have posted this in the landscaping forum but this one gets alot more traffic. I have a customer who lives by a creek and once or twice a year the water gets up high enough to come in the back door and flood her basement. We were thinking of building a wall but not sure what we should build it out of. I think the best would be just concrete but that doesn't look to attractive. Would Landscaping blocks work? Please let me know what you think and if you have ever done anything like this before. THANKS


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I have not done it myself, but concrete could be formed to look like about anything anymore. Have seen walls at a zoo that were painted and from a distance they looked just like timbers. I had to feel it to be sure.


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Landscaping blocks backed with some kind of waterproof liner will do the trick. Saw this on Hometime in The Learning Channel. As long as you have that waterproof membrane between the wall and the ground, there shouldn't be seepage. You could also cement the blocks using some kind of silicone adhesive. Then backfill the entire thing to the top of the wall.

Good luck on your project!

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