How to keep track of unpaid invoices

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jbell36, Dec 8, 2012.

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    would you then send them the exact invoice that is overdue or do you send them a statement that says "invoice 5763" is overdue? the invoices show all the work performed for that invoice and the statement simply shows the invoice number, however i think you can edit the statement and show worked performed as well...and how far back do you go? you can go all the way back to the beginning of the year if you want to and show all of the invoices sent and payments received including check numbers...i know these are a lot of questions but i just want to know how others are doing it since there are so many options...
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    Yeah I usually just send a statement after an initial invoice. I go back to the previous invoice or when they last had a zero balance. Most of the time when I send a statement i'm sending out a new invoice along with it. I staple them together with the statement on top. If they got all confused or something I will go back further with the statement. That happens sometimes when the bill is the same amount as another or if things cross in the mail and my statement shows something they already paid.

    I've gotten a few calls in the last couple of weeks because I sent out invoices for all work done in October on Novemeber 1st and then if I did a final cleanup in November I invoiced that without waiting until the end of the month. If they had an outstanding balance from the November 1 invoicing they got a statement reflecting that invoice as well. Personally I don't see what's confusing about that. They always get a detailed invoice for any new of service(s) and services provided.

    P.S. - Generally I don't send a statement going back very far unless they request it. I don't really want them seeing just how much they've paid me, lol....OMG...$1,500 this year just to have the law mowed!
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    I do it the same way as Darryl
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    Yup. Get Quickbooks (even of you don't set up accounts or track every cent) to enter customers, do estimates, invoices... You can track "pending," PAID, or final invoices and enter customer payments very easily.

    All my monthly invoices get a "pending" stamp on them until I send them out at the end of the month and all regular ones are not marked. They get marked PAID when I enter the check and all is tracked.

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