how to kill creeping red fescue

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by avrider, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. avrider

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    ok, i'm a newbie, i have a flat hill in my backyard, apprx 1500 sq ft that was hydroseeded a couple of years ago w/creeping red fescue (crf). all was well for a while until the mice took over, it has been a constant battle with these critters, to which i have given up, i know there is now a myriad of tunnels under my once beautiful grass, i also have had to start weedwacking the hill a couple of times a year when the seed stalks grow, but the rodents have pretty much ruined it. I am right now in the process of mowing as far down as i can(a pain in the @#$%# job), have stopped watering. am wondering what i could spray over what is left to make sure it is dead and does not grow back, i plan to cover w/hardscape ( ie, rocks, ground up rubber/tires, or whatever) something that does not require water and will last. please help, this hill has taken years off my life trying to keep up!!! thanks, avrider

    LIBERTYLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Spray with Glyphosate (Round-Up), then respray any remaining growth after a couple of weeks to make sure you got it all:)
  3. garydale

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    What is a "flat hill?"
  4. vegomatic40

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    I was scratchin my noggin on that one too LOL Must be a California thing.
  5. RogueWarrior

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    Please be kind to the absolute N00bie! But I was looking into plating CRF (Creeping Red Fescue) and I have asked all the nurseries if the stuff creeps like Bermuda? I hate Bermuda grass and I cannot get rid of it. It has crept under my sidewalk and lives on. It is everywhere I live. Neighbors and such.

    Anyway, I have dug up and plastic covered my ground to solorize the Bermuda I had. Now I am looking to plant a grass like product that requires lower water than Kentucky Blue Grass (KBG) and requires less mowing and still looks like grass.

    People have said that in Northern California (I live in San Jose, CA) the best stuff to use is CRF. Now I see you guys trying to kill it because it crawls everywhere.

    So - does this stuff creep or stay still like KBG? Also, if it does not creep much, is it a good idea for a patch of lawn (not large - say 10feet by 15 feet)?

  6. garydale

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    It spreads like KBG with stolons/ryzomes.(not agressively)
    It is used in shade in my area as it goes dormant in hot and dry conditions.
    I think your plastic trick on Bermuda may not be 100% effective.
  7. RogueWarrior

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    WOW! So CRF does creep. Do you know of a non creeping, non-stolon grass that has low water and infrequent cutting requirements?

  8. heritage

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    Hard Fescue.

  9. tremor

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    Chewings Fescue too.

    Never have heard of mice trashing a lawn. Moles maybe?
  10. garydale

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    I think you are referring to voles.

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