How to kill Roaches

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by luv2fly, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. luv2fly

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    What is the best thing to kill roaches in my house?

    I've been in my house for 11 years and have not seen any bugs.

    All of a sudden in the last 2 weeks I've seen 4 roaches.


  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Richard Pryor says a 12 D is best for roaches..........sorry I couldnt help that.....when I saw that title I remember that from one of his comedy shows
  3. humble1

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    Dupont Advion cockroach gel bait.
  4. Think Green

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    Advion is good stuff, and as it is in the gel form, you will want to really read the label on its application.
    I never had roaches either until a neighbor 2 doors down moved in and the problems started. They fogged their house and the roaches marched to all the neighbors houses.
    I had to completely put everything up--close all opened containers--seal all bags--do everything to the kitchen that could possibly be open. Apply the gel to the drawer lining on the outside of the rails and slide wheels. Do all cracks and hidden crevaces with the gel. I pulled off my wall plates and applied a border of gel around the cap. You have to think that roaches are flat and will crawl into spaces you wouldn't think they could get into.
    My exterminator, told us to apply Borid (Boric's Acid) in the attic around the flooring etc.
    You can also use the glue traps, as they are relatively cheap to just fill them up with bugs and throw them away---------Outside.
    You will have to get the roaches under control before they develope egg sacs.
    I use Bifen in the kitchen with small windex bottle set to the jet setting. I follow the directions on mixture and apply it to all the cracks and crevaces, and under the appliances where these little devils hide. Take note of things like the toaster--microwave--oven or any other heat source, that the roach uses these areas to breed and they can go rampid in just a couple of weeks...
  5. grandview (2006)

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    If you seen one you have 1,000's in there. Get the tent out.
  6. humble1

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    The one thing I would say to use in lieu of the bifen is to mix a microencapsulated product with a compatable Insect Growth regulator. The insect growth regulator will mess up the younger ones before they molt to become adults, makes them steril, twists them up to look freakish. Nice-
    The micro encap product will last longer, and will contact kill, the bait will continue to kill as they canobolize dead cockroaches.

    Make sure to treat thoughroughly under the fridge they like the heat from the motor, under and behind, as well as stoves, spray all baseboard, anyplace where there is change having a crack or crevise. You can use flushing agents to find where they are, permethrin based products cause them to get exited for some reason they will run all over the place. So if you dont see them squirt some in, if they are there they come flying out. Let us know how that works out for you.
  7. Think Green

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    Thanks for backing me up!
    I use "Demand" CS--Lambda Cyhalothrin 9.7% in the encapsulated suspension from Zeneca.
    I bought this from my exterminator years ago, and this little 8 oz. bottle has done wonders.

    Keep in mind you can buy the Lambda Cyhalothrin in stores but it is in lesser strength formulations and it isnt the CS formulation. Which ever, read that label!!!!!! I don't use it on or near the countertops, because of the empacsulated product. I don't trust anything that leaves a residue on my food surfaces. The encapsulated products dry on the surface and leave behind a little bubble of chemical if you want to call it that!!!!!!
    This product I purchased, is or at the time, was only purchasable by licensed operator's in structural pest control. Don't be misled by the other brands.
    Permethrin will flush the roaches out of the hiding places and then band them with the Bifenethrin. Keep this fact, some of these chems will stain walls--baseboards--drapes, so read the label for more adequate educating. I don't have the current label on my bottle, so without googleing, I can't give you any more info.
    Good Luck!
  8. DLCS

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    Never spray in the kitchen to kill roaches. Roaches(German) will automatically go to the kitchen seeking food. You want them there so they will eat the gel bait. if you spray they will run to other parts of the house and make it more of a pita. Just use baits in the kitchen and glue boards. Put the bait on water pipes under the sink too. Also, use bait in your basement on the water pipes. Set a bomb off under the fridge to begin with though. Treat the perrimeters of all the other rooms with home defense or Demon and be sure to treat the outside perimeter very well.

    I've been to this circus many of times as I got a filthy elderly neighbor who has roaches. A few years ago we started seeing them, more and more. I've learned a little watching the exterminator treat our home many times. I have been in a fight with our city and my neighbor, and Lutherna Social services, which I was threatened with arrest, to get this mess cleaned up. We only see migrating roaches in the late summer from her place, really weird. My advice would be to seek help from a professional though and try to get the neighbor to treat their house responsibly. You can treat a house for roaches without driving them to the neighbors.
  9. coiclawn

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    Much like with a problem with weeds, fungus etc.. outside the first step is to i.d. the problem. What kind of roaches are you seeing? American, german,australian etc.. Gel baits are the best option depending on the type you have. Unless they're german roaches you will be better off treating the perimeter of the house to prevent the problem from getting worse. There are a lot of sprays and granule products labeled for roach control around the outside and shrub areas. But first i.d. the problem it will make the job much easier.
  10. MesaLawn

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    Agree ID first. There are types like the Pennsylvania Wood Roach that don't really infest your house. But sometimes make their way in like any other outdoor bug. You could do a perimeter treatment and try to seal up anywhere they could be getting in. Don't want to have any rotting wood pile close to the house.

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