How to kill weeds in dirt?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by webporuki, Jul 22, 2007.

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    My home had a volleyball court. I got it filled with dirt. My plan was to sow grass seed in it. Now the problem is, the area is totally filled with weed (I don't know the name of it, the stem of the plants spreads to create new plants).

    I tried to hand pluck them but in two days i was able to cover only 1/5th of the area and i have a feeling they are going to come back.

    My neighbor suggested me to use TriMec.

    Is Trimec a good option or are there other herbicides available? Will the herbicides deter the growth of grass seeds?

    Are there tools available to get rid of the weed? Will tilling help?

    Is sodding a better option than seeding?

    I will greatly appreciate any suggestion.
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    Hang it up. Do you have grass seed in it already? Either way,....just ge some Roundup, spray it all off, and reseed. When you get ready to seed, do NOT rototill it. All you will be doing is stirring millions more weed seed to the surface. If you have access to a power rake or something to just scratch the surface, you are better off for preparing a seed bed. Mix your seed in and add some starter fert.. Then, the key is proper watering. It is important to keep the seed consistently damp. This could take 2 to 3 light waterings a day. A good investment for you would be a hose timer setup (available at places like Lowes). keeping it damp will make all the difference between growing grass and growing night and day.
    After your grass starts germinating (2 to 3 weeks), hit it with starter fert. again. At this point, you will have to start watering a little deeper, but perhaps less frequently. Again, the soil must be kept consistently damp, and enough water should be put down to reach the root system. At this point, it is REALLY crucial that this doesn't dry out, because once these plants dry up and die out, that's it...they're gone and will never come back. After the grass establishes a bit, the watering will of course need to be deeper (again, to reach the root system). I hope this helps.
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    Ditto. Best time to seed Kentucky bluegrass in Rogers, Mn is August 22 - Sept 1st. But make sure you thoroughly spray the area for weeds with Roundup (or a copy cat brand) two weeks prior.

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