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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Superior Lawn & Landscape, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Superior Lawn & Landscape

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    I have owned several successful business's in the past and currently have 3 running right now. I recently was approached by someone and they wanted me to partener up with them in the Lawn and Landscape arena.

    1st problem, I know how to make a business operate, and operate profitable. The problem is I know diddly squat about the business. I have resolved this by bringing on a pretty knowledgable individual. But how much involvment should I have, should I try to learn or manage the P & L's

    2nd problem, I want the company to do it all. Lawn maintenance, sprinkler systems(have licensing), decks, fences, water features, plantings, landscape lightings, holiday lightings, putting greens, grills, i could keep on and on.

    what should I limit my company to

    thanks in advance

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Is this a new LCO or an established one??? What sort of work do you perform now?

    There's a lot of different skills involved in all those different services, so a lot depends on your employees, how skilled/experienced they are. You don't really have to do everything all at once...maybe make it part of your plan to add a new service every season...
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    I have found that by specializing in one core business, upper end residential maintenance. That I am the expert in the industry, not only to my clients but to other contractors as well. This gives me a great advantage that I am just beginning to realize.

    I used to try and capture every dollar that came my way and I never did well financially. Over the past two years especially I have focused on the core business and it has worked well.

    I would recommend you stay focused on the P & L but don't hesitate to bring some best practices to the field operations.
  4. Superior Lawn & Landscape

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    it is a new company, and we offer just about everything

    we have done lawn maintenance, fences, decks, ponds, outdoor grills, bars, plantings, awnings, sprinkler systems, seed, sod

    it is very fortunate that my other companies deal directly with home builders and contractors so i have an in with the guys that need the service
  5. topsites

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    It sounds to me like you could be spreading yourself a bit thin :)
  6. Lugnut

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    fences and awnings aren't usually services a landsaping company provides

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