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    well i have researched the post and have not found what i am looking for so here goes.

    i have a 104' wall to build and i do not see it feasible to keep using a 2' level on this so got a cheap laser in a kit. it beams 1500 ' i figure i will buy a receiver but would a yard stick do the same thing?

    so once i have a level area say 8 sqft. say 2x4 . so how often do i move the stick to checkit. i do not fully grasp the procedure but my laser is not self leveling help
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    Basiscally yes a yard stick will work. However your laser level sounds a bit excuse me, cheap. You can buy a manual leveling rotating laser with a tripod and storypole and receiver for around $400.00 at home depot. Thats what my first one was. CST BERGER. I still use it alot and like it a little for than my spectra trimble. I spent alot of money of my storypole. I get alot of culvert and grading inspections and needed an adjustable pole for site elevations that read in 1/10's vice inches.

    Set up your laser and figure out what depth you would like. Your laser beam is a constant and the storypole is a variable. slide up or down and adjuwst your math to get the desired grade. Hope this helps you out.
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    Ditto rotating lazer level is the way to go and easy to use just make sure you get a target stick.

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    here is link to my level yes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than $400

    everyone skips the part i need.

    1. level a 2'x4' area of the wall
    2. away from the wall set laser on my reciever
    3. move the level across the rest ckecking levels every 1' or 5' or 5" i do not know .
    4. does the length of your material determine how often to check level. ergo ckeck more for blocks and less for timbers.?

    just want to get this right my first actual retaining wall and i'm feeling comfortable with all my steps except leveling with ou crawling 104' on my knees ......but i will:cry:
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    you missed the point....

    if you are a professional and installing hardscapes... you NEED a decent level.......

    don't be a cheapskate and try and cheap out on something as critical as a laser...

    that laser is crap....

    it will not work with a receiver. receivers work on intermittent lasers, not constant ones.

    good luck seeing that beam 30 feet away in daylight... whatever you spent is money down the toilet...
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    My guess is...if you are trying to find a way to short cut leveling your base (not crawling 104' on your knees), i am guessing this will not be you last short cut you take. How about save everyone the trouble and not build retaining walls. To build a wall correctly, you need to find your lowest point, measure your step ups to match your block, get you a 2', 4' and 6' level and a large dead blow hammer and hit your knees. Other wise your wall will dip and roll. lasers are great for setting your base, but after you have that pritty level, you still have to level every single block in your wall individually.
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    screed the base. end of problem. then buy a higher quality laser.
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    LiKe sc said ...put the stick down and step away from the lazer.

    One 6/12in level one 4ft 6ft and one 10ft and you are good to go.
    That bubble never lies...Until you run over it with the skid :hammerhead:
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    Look, this is very simple. Excavate for your wall. Make the leveling pad a minimum of 24" wide.

    Check the height with your storypole and get it within 1 inch of final grade for the top of the base.

    Lay screed pipes on your base. Add some screenings (not sand) and set the height of the screed pipes using your laser to the exact grade you need for the pad. You can pinch some screenings under the pipes to raise them. Keep the screenings to a minimum- no more than 1" Once you have a nice leveling pad, you can place your wall blocks anywhere on that pad and make adjustments, and everything will still be level.

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