How to lay pavers in this corner

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Sti2.5ldohc, Mar 12, 2019.

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    I’m a little purplexed on the proper way to lay pavers around this corner. The pavers will be 6x6s and 6x9s. The pavers are to go in between the 2 sidewalks. As you can see each side of concrete has a different way of rounding the corner.

    Should I attempt to angle cut the pavers so that they turn the corner?

    Any advise would be appreciated

    Thank you

  2. Mac-s Lawn & Snow

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    Are you laying the bricks in a pattern. It looks like where the downspout is the biggest area and thats where i would start. Lay the field out and figure it out so atleast one of the brick lines will align with the edge of the concrete where the ladder is so you only have to cut one side in, then work back and cut the corners in. A random cobble or a running bond would be the pattern I would go with. I also would not go with a soldier course since it is bordered by concrete and not a very large area.
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    Not sure about the pavers but I'd go under the concrete with the down spout. Drill a hole where it goes down and tunnel under with hard pipe. Not easy but leaving like that looks horrible.
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    Easiest would be a running bond pattern following the curve. That will be the least amount of cuts. But definitely move that downspout-very tacky...
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    Too much going on there. Could you just not remove the concrete against the foundation wall and install a raised flowerbed. Keep the walkway as it is. Its wide enough and would look best imo. Then you could run that drain pipe straight down and under the existing walkway or even just place some nice drainage rock in that corner with a few random boulders or plants...
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