How to lay pavers?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by scott015, Apr 28, 2002.

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    my wife and I are extending our patio, so we went to Lowes and bought 100+ of the 12x12 square red patio pavers... we dug up about 6" of dirt, made the ground just as flat as we possibly can, bought the fine gravel and laid it down... and we got a squeegy and pulled across the gravel to make it flat... then when we started to lay all the blocks down... they dont seem to be level... one might be a tad bit higher, or one may see-saw a little.... I have been working to make this perfect for 2 weeks now and I do not have 1 block down.... what do I do? when I look at the ground it looks REALLY flat... but just one little hump screws the whole thing up....
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    I hate patio block. But if you must do this, lay an inch of sand on your compacted base. Don't compact or step on the sand. Then use a rubber hammer and level your blocks.
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    If you're not using screed pipes, you might try laying these down. Use 1" black gas pipe (OD measurement) - or similar. Set the one end of the pipe at the appropriate grade (top of sand should then be equal to bottom of paver). Use a 4' level with grade indicators (if not larger). If you're looking for 1/4" pitch (or whatever), set the pipe so that it runs at 1/4" according to the level. Once you have one pipe set, set a second then a third - about 4' to 6' apart. You'll then use a screed board ("perfectly" straight 2 x 4 as an example) to pull sand evenly across your paving area. It's easier to pull sand with a smaller board - but you'll have to set more pipe. If you set your pipes 4' apart - you'll want about a 5' to 6' screed board for overhang. Do not walk on the sand or bedding course once you screeded (grammer?). Pull the pipes out of your base and reset them - working off the others as you move across your surface. When you pull the pipe, throw some sand into the void where the pipe was - though this may not be essential with 12 x 12 blocks. Work you way to the edge of your patio. If you're trying to lay sand around the contours of the house - you may have to fake it a little and use a hand float to smooth over the areas where the screed board won't fit.
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    yeah use a little sand and a rubber mallet, works great... Trust me If I can do it anyone can, nothing ever works right for me....but this does..
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    Hire stonehenge.
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    Hope things are going great for you this time of year Site!

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