How to load the push-blower / How good is it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, Nov 8, 2005.

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    After 3 years of frustration with a goat that would NEVER stay in its spot, I finally hit upon the solution this past weekend. Now it's not perfect and I can not remember if this is MY idea or if I read about it here at some time but I find to properly secure the goat, the BEST thing to do is BACK it into a corner, then hook it with a strap:
    Also notice the handlebar DOES stick out the side.

    This is a ONE strap tie-down, it is a bit mickey mouse but the wrap around of the strap is to take out the slack as the hooks need to be close together AND pulling towards the FRONT of the trailer:

    And just to make sure, the Wb's front caster barely rests against it all:

    Drawback - The handlebar sticks out a FEW inches past the trailer wheel's fender:
    The picture exaggerates it, it isn't as bad as it looks but it IS real so I thought I better mention it, you'll need to remember this clearance issue.

    And that took care of it, the goat NEVER flipped over BUT it is not 100 percent secure so I drive careful, it COULD flip I am sure but compared to before, it's ten times better... The advantage is that to unload, I simply tilt the machine a bit to create some slack then unhook one end, then the other - same goes for loading: No need to ratchet, just tilt the machine a bit.

    Far as how good the 10hp goat is, I did some light leaves in my own yard:

    Yes those leaves are light, the first few passes are a bit of a pita as I'm trying to get the leaves into a straight-away line so the rest is cake, thus pass number 1 did this:

    After Pass number 2 and 3 the leaves are 'ready' and in position:

    Now for the tornado to happen, pass 4 clears some PATH:

    After I round the corner in the last pic, it's a straight shot to the bottom and a turn at the tree:

    And UP the hill one last time:

    More straight-away action past the bottom tree (sorry is blurred):

    Et voila:

    Yes of course there are still a few leaves but I ALWAYS concentrate on the volume while leaves are still coming - It takes TWICE as long to get it perfectly clean when 5 minutes later it has leaves on the lawn again, I found it is best to do the first clean-ups in the quick and dirty fashion, get the worst out the way and be done with it.

    Time: 10 or 15 minutes, including the time to take the pics.
    Total passes: 6 or 8, can't remember exactly I got excited lol.

    The 10hp Billygoat RULES !!!
    Now if I wanted, I could run the Wb over it all which really cleans up nicely but then the grass didn't really need cutting so I let it be (plus it's my own yard and I wasn't too concerned about it).
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    Topsites, how busy are you that ratcheting the strap is too time consuming? Not to be an a**, but if it is, what is your secret b/c I would like to be that busy. I honestly think you are making the whole situation too complex. Just put the blower on the trailer so the handle is facing the back of your truck, and strap it so it is secured to the front of the trailer. I am not on my computer or I would post a pic, but instead, here is a crude drawing of what i mean.

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