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How to make a sealer spray unit (275g)

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by keepoffthegrass, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. seal4cash

    seal4cash LawnSite Member
    from ontario
    Messages: 27

    NPCA, your post is very non-confrontational and articulate, unlike some so called "proffessionals" here....

    It all sounds good, but based on my own life experience and based on all the anecdotal evidence out there...i'm yet to meet a "professional" pavement worker (or a roofer) who is NOT croocked.....
    I do belive that within a few rare exceptionns, everyone is out there to make as much as possible as quick as possible...especially true to these professions.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is what it is.....

    I 'm no stranger to politics and organizations like yours are operating under the basic idea just like the unions do.....basically it's public relations and job protectionism (don't get me wrong not that there is anything wrong with that i used to be union myself)......
    The whole bread and butter of such organization, is to tell people how highly skilled and trained their members are and how everyone else is out to screw them but but them.....the truth sometimes is the opposite....

    I'm not trying to criticize anyone, but i wasn't born yesterday and everytime someone tells me how "dedicated" these professionals are i put it in the same category as one of those "mission statements" plaques a company would hang on their wall......i'm sure you see them all over the place:

    "Were here to provide the best service to the customer....blah blah blah"...and so is everyone else.

    It looses it's meaning, because it is just empty words....next time you are having a dispute with any bigger company (phone for example), ask them to tell you their mission statement after trying to screw you over...chances are they won't know and if they find it, it will be the furthest thing from the truth......
    I's all the same out there, nobody cares, this is how the reality works.... as far as i'm concerned the only thing these "proffessionals" are dedicated is to emptying peoples wallets, which i'm not criticizing, thats what capitalism is base on..... but just calling it what it is....
  2. NPCA

    NPCA LawnSite Member
    Messages: 34

    Actually we are a bit different.
    EVERY member must offer written guarantees on their work as well as furnishing customers detailed specifications for the work to be done (exactly what, how, and when and exactly how much) and then after each job is complete direct them to our Customer Assurance Program survey site where every customer can rate that member's performance and their level of satisfaction with the job and the professionalism of the contractor. Right there for the world to see.
    (Results do not display yet as this new program only went into effect June 1st and it will take a while to gather enough data for meaningful statistics.)

    So unlike unions or "protectionism" it's just a group of people who all agree to do quality word by ethical business practices. And if they don't, customers will be quick to "tell".
    In the case of this thread our members must use sand if the sealer manufacturer recommends it so that's a non-issue. Whether this unit will do jobs "to spec" is not our concern. Our concern is only that the job be done "to spec", whatever method is used to accomplish that.

    Not saying a bad apple can't slip in here or there but usually they won't even bother trying, they are too busy looking for their next "mark". In our just over 8 years we have banned 3 members, not a bad record.
  3. zjf

    zjf LawnSite Member
    Messages: 42

    seen a lot on here over the months of research for building a trash pump set up.
    I spent about 600 bucks with a free tank i got from a local municipality. fabricated the pump return low in tank to keep material flowing. put 100 ft 3/4 hose on it with 6 1/2 ft alum. spray wand, with calculations should be around 74 psi. i also bought walk behind blower used,back pack blower 150$ home cheapo,500,00 btu torch,wire push broom,brushes,rollers,should have it ready in a week. thinking of adding sand how much should i use? how many lbs per gallon. thinking bout using black beauty through it its 9 $ on 80 lbs so would 140 lbs of sand be good for the 100 gallon mix which gives you i believe about 140 with gallons with 25%water and 1 lb per gallon.... let me know what you think about my mix !!! should have completely built in a bout 4 days gonna run a few 100 gallons of water through it and see how it sprays. ill let you all know..
    ill keep an up date on how it all goes including first jobs with pics. does anyone know how to build a make shift hydro seeder?????????????????????????????????????????????????*trucewhiteflag*
  4. WebMan

    WebMan LawnSite Member
    from D/FW TX
    Messages: 11

    I saw a site on hydro seeders somewhere, didn't look hard to do, if I run across it I'll post the link or PM it to you, been a good while back though. You might Google for "cheap" hydro-seeders or cheap hydrromulch equipment (don't recall what I was looking for)
  5. SurfaceMax

    SurfaceMax LawnSite Member
    from TX
    Messages: 72

    Sand should always be at least 3 lbs. per gallon of concentrate (before water) material (but add it after water)
    So if your sealer mfg. says 30% water then mix 100 gallons concentrate w/30 gallons of water until thoroughly mixed then add 300 lbs. sand. I would suggest avoiding black beauty (boiler slag) because it's more expensive and doesn't tend to stay in the sealer well (will roll-out) without additives. If you put a hydraulic mix system on your tank you could use additives but even so w/trash pump probably not enough to hold black beauty well; so use silica sand (from sealer supplier so you get the right mesh)

    Many people will talk about using 1 or 2 lbs of sand but that's just so they can say "we use sand in our sealer". Numerous studies over the years (like as far back as 30 years ago) have shown less than ~3 lbs. does no good for improving durability of sealer and only marginally increases slip resistance. So if you get sued for a slip & fall they will still win since your supplier probably recommends at least 3 lbs.
    Now if it's asphalt emulsion sealer it may be different. Some AE manufacturers use aggregate in the manufacturing process and so it won't hold as much. This is very rare but sometimes you will see an SE that will only hold one or 2.
    Normally the same goes for both (See PCTC and ASMA application specifications for more)
  6. blacktop

    blacktop LawnSite Member
    from toronto
    Messages: 85

    If you want to build your own unit that is fine. I see your from Ontario will you be using a oil base sealer because the equipment will be different. You can buy a new oil base sealer unit from pro-tect in colberg for $2500 to $3500
    I would get a steel tank the rest you can get from princess auto if you decide to build your own unit.

    Good luck

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