How to make a smart controller stupid

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irrig8r, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Condo complex where I used to have a L/S maint. contract about '88 thru '95.
    Somebody came along recently and "upgraded" the controllers. They called me out this week to see if I could sort out various irrigation issues. Wet spots, dry spots, leaks, etc.

    Exhibit A. This ESP-SMT ( indoor model) replaced an old ESP 8. Nice, creative use of a weatherproof outlet cover.

    Exhibit B. Sensor installed on the north side of the building under the dripline of a redwood tree.

    Exhibit C. This one replaced an old, reliable Irritrol Dial AB. In a stair well next to the door to the parking garage.

    Exhibit D. And the sensor? Installed on the north side of a balcony wall and shaded by the building itself on the west. Nice.

    I thought it could be that the sensors were effecting the scheduling, but when I went to check, I found that neither clock was set up with zone info. All were set to specific run times, 8 min. for shrubs, 20 min for lawns 5 days/ week. Sun or shade, no difference.
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    WHAT! No 10-10-10? What a crock. :hammerhead:
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    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. A great opportunity for an upsell for quality contractors.
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    Oh no, I just looked at the pics that Les mentioned. :gunsfirin
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    Oh yeah.

    HOA's L/S committee chair called emailed me through my website not knowing I used to maintain the place and am already familiar with the many weaknesses in the system. Currently several areas w/ breaks. Others w/ heads mysteriously capped. Others with plants grown up and blocking heads, and a mix of rotors, impacts and sprays on some zones that weren't like that when I left it.

    Current contractor must have upsold them on these controllers and probably promised them water savings. :dizzy:.

    I told them $20K probably wouldn't cover the needed repairs and upgrades. She countered with doing it in phases, up to $10 K/ year over 4 years, so they can budget for it.

    Might be do-able.

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    Easy controller for pigtails.
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    Links do not work. Get a "Page not found" message from picasa.

    Instead of a link, just show the image here via the IMG tag.
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    That's odd, I saw them yesterday. :dizzy:
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    The ESP SMT has done nothing but caused me so many complaint calls this year. Zone X didn't run today my flowers are dry, It only watered this for X minutes my lawn is brown.
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    Keep It Simple Stupid.

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