How to make a smart controller stupid

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irrig8r, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. jvanvliet

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    Any controller is going to require some adjustments throughout the year. This particular "smart" controller appears to have the sensors poorly placed. Poor location of the sensors will affect the processors ability to properly analyze conditions and make appropriate adjustments.

    I maintain only one site with Hunter Solar Sync controllers an associate of mine installed. We have found the system is thirsty and we have had to tweak it it into providing a little more water than it would otherwise provide.

    Can't say I know how to program them, I've tried and I just don't quite get it, it's probably a common problem in the industry. I'll wait until they get up the curve a little more and it becomes a point & click function. Until then, I'll sub out the installations and the programing to my friend and associate.

    Right now, with all the rain we've been having, all my accounts have their systems turned off. "Rain Clicks", "Mini Clicks", etc. are notoriously unreliable. The Solar Sync is operative and as far as I can tell hasn't watered since the wet season started.

    Glad I got the link to "GIMP" photo editor. I knew following this thread would be beneficial.
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    As others have mentioned, showing up is 99% of the gig. All the bells and whistles are worthless without adult supervision, as is any system. Were I to do another install (perish the thought, but I'm a sucker for megas), I'd not spec ANY "smart" clocks unless I had Central System or had a monthly contract to service the site. All that crap seems so cheap and prone to failure. :hammerhead:
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    I agree, these things are complicated, temperamental and probably overrated... for now.

    You'd definitely want a monthly contract following an installation, the call backs to tweak the thing will bankrupt you.

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