How to make a trashy yard look great?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Oct 30, 2005.

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    you know, the university has a fine turf program there(GA) and does distance learning programs, so that's a good resource. Most of the management decisions for you will boil down to time and budget of your client. That ranges anywhere from kill and resod, which is about as instant as it gets in the green world, to bringing a lawn around in noticeable increments over a season. Patience and money will be the deciding factor for your clients as far as the road to get there goes. However, I've seen the situation that made it a junk piece to begin with, turn a fine renovation into the same thing in less than a season as well, wasting the $$$ of the reno. Find everything you can and try to find how it applies to your local conditions and in time, you'll grab the skills. Time and perseverance.
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    The important thing from this post is that it doesn't matter what you do it the client isn't gonna do their part.

    You will need to match the goal of the client with the proper type of lawn as well as their willingness to pay for the upkeep.

    Around me you have 3 types of grass

    Bahia - once established will grow without irrigation or fertilization
    will be very thin and scraggly looking that way but you will have a lawn
    if PROPERLY fertilized, irrigated when drought conditions come and cut at the proper height you can have a pretty decent lawn, but you will always have weeds.
    If you want to spend a ton of money on selective weedkillers and the labor to have twice weekly cutting, it can be the best looking lawn around.

    St Augustine - must be fertilized at least a little and must be irrigated in dry times or it will begin to die.
    Looks good with a very low maintenance fert and irrigation program, responds well to selective herbicides
    Crabgrass is a nightmare with no effective method of chemically selectively killing and chinchbugs can kill off a lawn in a matter of a week.

    Bermuda - Just get out your check book and keep writing. Super high maintenance, fert, cutting, everything and even then you might get too hot and have kill off.
    however if you do get all the issues right, it looks amazing.

    Now as this applies to you. Bermuda in the trailer park isn't gonna work. But bahia will do just fine and with a little care will most likely exceed their expectations and certainly be an improvement

    upscale clients sell st augustine along with an irrigation system and fert package. Mr. Jones. I know you want a great lawn and this is the simplest cheapest way to have lush green grass. It takes a little more work and money than we have been doing up to now, but I am sure by this time next year you will agree it is worth the effort.

    Stupid rich people. Mr. Smith. I am sure you have seen the amazing job I have done with Mr. Jone's yard. Well if you want one even nicer than his we can go bermuda, but it will be expensive. Forget about that, I know money isn't an object with you. We will go ahead and get your fert program set up and put you on the twice a week mowing service so you can have the best lawn in town. You did contact the irrigation people right. I want to get the new sod installed about a week after they finish. When is that gonna be so I can mark it on my calendar?
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    Precision, what I run into a lot (esp. the hag that accused me of making her yard have weeds) is the ones that get it cut EOW for 35 and want it to look like so and so who spends big bucks and have a lush lawn. I still want to know how to make one look great even if I never get to do it very often. I have always believed in being knowledgeable in your field no matter what you are doing.
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    That is commendable. knowledge is never a bad thing to acquire.

    As far as the cheapo's that want perfect lawns. "the best way to have your lawn look like Dave's is to let me provide the same level of service that Dave recieves. Dave gets weekly cutting at the correct height, maintained irrigation, quarterly fertilizing, bi annual weed control applications and insect control. Sure it cost more, but that is how one maintains a nice lawn."

    I don't take any bitching from cheapo's. They want cheap then they get what nature provides.
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    Qualitylawncare, here is a list of links I saved to my favorites. Some of them may not apply to what you which to learn but they all have something valuable if you read all the links contained inside each link I have provided. I didnt feel like sorting out some of the junkier sites. I know this looks like a lot of information but information is what you need to do what you are trying to accomplish. It took me three years and countless hours to go over the information provided inside these links, aint no short cuts so set aside some time for your research instead of spending time on internet chatrooms. Educate yourself and you will be miles ahead of most of the posters on this forum.

    Heres a link of schools that provide courses in turf and turf management;

    other links of interest:
    Turf Management
    aggie-horticulture.tamu.e.../turf.html] nline.htm

    Erosion control Links
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    Precision, thanks for the links. The old hag really got under my skin. Was talking about her neighbors yard (st. augustine) how how nice it looked. I told her he mows it every week and is constantly working on it. Asked her if she wants to spent the $$$ and she told me "I cant afford that but wanted a nice yard" I told her "in other words you are wanting a fine wine lawn on a beer budget, It aint gonna happen".:D Dumb azz clients:angry:

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