How To Make $$$ In Winter Months?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by young1255, Jul 20, 2003.

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    The most obvious is to deliver Christmas trees, get with the tree lots in your area, you can also make a little money cutting to length and setting the tree at the customers house. Now you have their name and number, and address, and they better have your business card!!! We plan to eek out the winter removing stumps, and chipping all the brush piles we can get our hands on.

    One very important point... Price your services as if you were going to Florida, or Mexico all winter. Hold back money to cover the winter months, if you work the winter call that a bonus. I will not get out of the truck for less than $35, and I charge $45 per man hour. Yes we are new, my first year and i will be working winter, but I will have the choice next year.

    P.S. Handyman Rate $65 first half hour, $60 per hour after that in 15 min inc.

    Tree work$65 per man hour

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