How to make money from a tractor.

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by danslawncare, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. danslawncare

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    Hi guys,
    I own a lawn care business, and am 18 years old. I have a Kubota BX2200, 22hp with 4wd. Obviously diesel. The mid mount mower, and snow blade, as well as a 3pt. aerator and dethatcher. Any other ideas on how i could use it to make money? What do you guys use tractors for? Keep in mind, i don't do major experience...but would like to get some!!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. roho

    roho LawnSite Member
    from HouTex
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    Hello dan! Well bx2200 is a nice little tractor! Really it to small for a lot of commerical type work but U could get a rotary cutter, 4 footer(bushhog) & cut small commerical lots in town, w/box blade & frontend loader you might be able to work with contractors that build slabs for homes! u COULD MOVE DIRT around before they pour concrete! Fence building/repair, stable cleanup and round pen tilling! Best bet would be get with a builder and what ever he wanted & work U'r landscape work into it! Good luck and I hope I helped!
  3. 65hoss

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    You need to advertise tractor work. That will get you started. You need a box blade. Easy to learn and gets lots of work. That will help with sod/seeding prep. I get more calls for bushhogging and box blade work than anything else with a tractor. Over time as people learn about you with a tractor you will start getting lots of calls. A small tractor like you have has limitations but is perfect for small jobs and small lots. Its a good market niche.
  4. lawn king

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    Hey dan, i tend to agree with roho. If you move up to a b series tractor you will have more 3 PT. and loader lift capacity as well as higher ground clearance. These advantages alone should lead to additional tractor work.
  5. roho

    roho LawnSite Member
    from HouTex
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    Hello Dan(again), Both 65 Hoss & lawnking said a mouth full! I really forgot advertise! Thats probably most important! Now write up a business plan that's machine freindly to U'r bx2200. Remember this, "PAY YOURSELF FIRST!" That said, invest into attachments that are interchangable from BX2200 to bigger tractors! If business is sucess(& I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be) you could consider purchase of back hoe attachment and a stump grinder, both are considerable investments, so I'd wanit till business sucess! BTW you can rent small machines that dig & grind, if job comes up! Again good luck! & don't give up! :waving:
  6. lawn king

    lawn king LawnSite Silver Member
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    Dan, there are several spraying and spreading implements out there for small tractors. Sitrex manufactures a very nice line of spreaders, i have a fs 150 spreader that rocks! I also have electric and pto boom sprayers. I removed my loader and attached my snowblower last night. I use my tractor year round for lawn care, landscape construction and snow, however, my favorite tractor service is fertilizing athletic fields!
  7. Shawns Lawns

    Shawns Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dan did you buy that tractor new or used and how much did you invest for it?
    I would like to get the bx 23 but the price is ridiculous. :waving:
  8. lb59

    lb59 LawnSite Member
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    I got mine last Sept.
    A NEW Tractor loader hoe and 60" mmm for 15500 is hard to beat,especially with 0 % financing.
  9. 430 boy

    430 boy LawnSite Member
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    if you had a rototiller you could do custom tilling for gardens as well as landscaping job. i think a lot of little job will suit you fine. But get your name out there :)
  10. Indydirtfarmer

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    My entire business is built upon tractor work. I do pasture and hayfield renovation/construction, new lawn construction, bush hogging, garden plowing/tilling, and food plot planting. That keeps me busy. The new lawn construction requires some "hand work", but the rest is done from the seat of the tractor. I keep 2 tractors running full-time, about 7 months out of the year. My equipment list is; 2 Woods BB840 bush hogs, 2 Woods HB84 box scrapers, 2 Liembech 7' "pulverizers, a Brillion 6' seeder, an older 8' International Harvester disc, a REAL old John Deere 3 bottom plow, A couple Vicon "spinner" spreaders, 2 Dempco boom sprayers, A 6' King Kutter tiller, and an 80" Howard Rotovator. I also have a couple 2 row "corn planters" that are used on the food plot plantings. All that equipment gets used on a pair of John Deere 2440's (60HP) We have 2 2004 Dodge 2500's, and a couple 25' Ridgeline gooseneck trailers. :)

    Advertise in local papers for garden tilling and bush hogging. Those get a lot of 1-time callers. The pasture/hayfield, and the food plot business require some "knocking on doors", and word of mouth. Like any business, it can take time to build up a client base. I've been at it for almost 30 years. It took 10 years to get enough business to keep one tractor running full-time. I'm about to add a third "rig" to the fleet. :D

    This isn't all "glamourous work", but it makes me a good living. I get enough new lawn installs to still consider that my "main line", (along with the bush hogging) but the rest of my services bring in more than enough $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to keep me and the wife fat (in my case) and happy :cool2:

    The "down side" is that everyone with an old Ford 8N and a bush hog will be competing with you for a limited market. :angry: Don't take jobs just to keep your tractor rolling. If you aren't making money, you might just as well be sitting at home watching Andy Griffith reruns ;)

    If you want to make this your profession, be professional.... payup

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