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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Bunton Guy, May 25, 2003.

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    Im just about ready to start another crew...problem is how to justify which truck perchase. The choices are many different settups. Currently using a F-350 & 7X16 enclosed trailer
    The new choices are
    Used F-150 & open trailer (cheaper for the guys to abuse)$6,000
    Used F-350 & open trailer $7,000
    Used F-350 Dually+ 16 ft. landscape bed. $9,000
    Used F-350 12' dump + open trailer $12,000
    New Isuzu 14' dump + open trailer $34,000
    New Isuzu 16 ft. cabover + 16 ft. landscape bed.(gas) $26,000

    The crew will start out as 2 men 2 60" z's, 1 48" w.b, 1 push mower. My ideal idea was to get the Isuzu 14' dump and to pull the mowing trailer. From day to day the crew can fill up the dump with fallen sticks and grass and what not but they still have to pull the trailer which has and will always be a pain. Im big into leaf removal & mulch which the dump no doubt will ease the process. But on the other hand I have been pulling trailers for years and am tired of it and im not to trusting of my employees with the trailer...I can expect to have them cutting corners and hitting cars,curbs,trees etc.....

    Its easily understandable that an older F-150 (1995-2000) would be cheaper to keep up when employees beat up on it but I would still have to worry about breakdowns and no warranty like the new isuzu cabover would cary. But I would hate to see scratches and dents in a new vehicle expecially when its leased.

    On average we drive close to 100 miles a day sometimes more maintaining 15-18 accounts. Some days (mon & wed) we have larger commercial accounts that take a few hours thus less travel time.

    During off season I do a good bit of mulching and would like to startdelivering soil to my landscape accounts instead of having my material delervered to my job sites. Also last season we did ALOT of leaf removal and my old settup of the leaf vac sitting on the front of a flat bed trailer with built up sides just wont cuz it anymore. So that would make the dump isuzu VERY helpfull....but then you fall into pulling trailers again.

    What do you think you guys would choose in this situation. With the affordable price of getting 2 used trucks one a F-350 with the small dump on it & an F-350 with a 16 foot landscape truck. In the end they both cost as much as 1 new truck but then I have to bay double the insurance cost and im not sure how to get a loan for 2 used vehicles. My bank does not help at all.
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    Mr. Bunton Guy,

    Before i reply to your topic, im curious why your bank will not help you out with was my understanding through my entrepreneurial advisers that most banks will not turn down most businesses with a well written and developed business plan. That brings me to my you have a business plan to hand to the bankers that says "Ive really thought this out, i know my stuff, and you need to invest in me."

    If you cant get banks to invest in you, how about a few of your clients?...i had one the other day tell ME that he wants to invest in mine if I ever need the money. Talk to a few you know better...ask them straight up.

    With the choices you have provided and because you dont want a new truck beaten, why not go for the Used F-350 12' dump + open trailer $12,000. A few grand worth of paint and body work ought to have it lookin nice and spanky. This way, you dont have to lease it, you have something you can haul soil, leaves, yada, yada, yada with.
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    Mac I like your choice. I went to my bank and tried to condense about 15K in loans and was turned down. So I dont expect to be able to get anything on the business yet. My bank is kinda of a local yocal place if I handed her a business plan should would most likely laugh. Now I have another bank I might want to try that with. Whats the likely of being turned down? Im only 19 but I have 2 credit cards in my name along with 1 w.b mower & 1 Z rider in my name...and 2 motorcycles co-signed in my name. I dont think I have any credit left lol.

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