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How to mount a snow plow to a mower?


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We are expecting a blizzard down here in the heart of Texas, need my northern borthas' help! :)

WINTER STORM WATCH TONIGHT FOR THE FOLLOWING COUNTIES: MASON, LLANO, GILLESPIE, BURNET, BLANCO, WILLIAMSON, TRAVIS, HAYS, AND MILAM. A storm system moving into Texas from the Rockies will produce snow late tonight and into Saturday morning. Accumulations of 1-2 inches is possible along the I-35 corridor and over the Hill Country. To the east and southeast of I-35 accumulations of a quarter to three-quarters is possible.

Seriously, this is the equivalent of 10 consecutive 100-degree days in Sue St. Marie, MI!


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Clinton, NJ
He's around...spoke to him twice (pm's) in the last hour or so.


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kansas City KS
"One to two inches"? Drive on it. Two weeks ago we were supposed to get 17" of snow. We got 1". The weathermen aren't idiots. we are for listening to them.


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You try an plow 2" of snow here, customers will be out tryin ta flatten yer tires!!!

Now thats a blower Fairway!!:cool: