How to move soil for bed in middle of lawn


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I'd like to create two raised landscape beds in the middle of my front lawn. I figure I'll need about 25 tons of screened top soil to create the beds. I want to avoid damage to the lawn, if I can. What's the best way to transport the topsoil across the lawn to the bed area? One bed is about 40 feet from the driveway, the other bed is about 80 feet. I can think of several ways to do this, but see problems with them all:

1) Wheelbarrow ... seems like this might be easiest on the lawn, but that's a lot of w/b loads, I figure well over 100 trips, probably too much to do myself. Would a contractor be willing to move 25T by wheelbarrow?
2) Very small skid-steer e.g. Dingo ... I can rent one for about $100/day, maybe could do myself, but it would still be 100+ trips (4CF bucket). I can straight-line over the lawn to both beds, to minimize the skid damage.
3) Medium skid-steer e.g. Bobcat ... fewer trips, but heavier machine = more damage or less damage?
4) Front-end loader, rubber tire (e.g. Deere) ... fewer trips yet, and no skid-steering, butheavier. Would this cause less damage than Bobcat?
5) Electric dump trailer, tow with my SUV, drive over lawn to bed & dump ... I'm guessing about 5 trips (5T dump trailer) ... or maybe make more trips with less weight to reduce lawn damage? Seems like I'll probably have to patch the lawn if I do it this way.
6) Seems like even a small dump truck would damage the lawn, even say a 5T dump.

What say the experts? Just give up and have it trucked in, and deal with the ruts & damage afterwards? Maybe that's less work overall than messing around with the other methods. What do the pro's do?

Any advice appreciated ...


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If you can tow that heavy of a trailer.. rent a dump trailer and dump 5T at a time.

Otherwise, if a contractor is using a bobcat or something.. have them lay down plywood to protect the grass. I am sure this is something they would provide.

If you are doing it with a wheelbarrow, I'd probably lay down some plywood too.


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Oops, DUH! You're right cashishift, I can't tow 5 tons ... SUV rated for 5500 towing. So I'd have to bring about 2-1/2 tons at a time -- ten loads. Although the supplier isn't too far away, only about 5 miles (10 mi round trip).

Any idea what it should cost to hire a contractor to install 25T of soil? Maybe not much more than renting a Dingo or dump trailer and doing it myself? (Dingo is $100/day, trailer I think is around $75)

Do contractors get a lower price on the soil itself, and make part of their money on mark-up of the product?


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Most contractors do get a lower price, depends on who they are. Mainly about 5 to 10 bucks a yard. They mark up of course, people need to make money. Call around for prices of soil. Ask them if they can refer someone they know.
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