HOW TO MOW through beds & trees


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when i try to stripe ..i can be 1 foot a way from a tree
in one pass and go say a 100 feet past the tree . turn
around and mow back in the trees pass .i have to go around
the tree .this puts me 4 feet in to the first pass.that
messes my stripe up .looks like i went around the tree in
stead of through it.
now the beds.. mine looks like i mowed a round the bed in
stead of though it .
any commets


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First step you may want to take is to gear down one speed.

The next thing you could try if speed is not a factor would be to make a perimiter cut before you put the "ribbon cut" to the turf.

Try mowing around objects twice and then work it in sections.

Good Luck.



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This one really isn't that difficult. Quite simply, no matter where you hit an object with your deck, you always go around TOWARD the direction you are moving. In other words, say you are mowing north and south. If you started from say the east side of the property and are moving (row by row) toward the west, then you ALWAYS move around the object to the west. What I meant by "as soon as you hit an object" means right when ANY PORTION of your deck, whether it be the right quarter, left, or center, is in line of the object. In other words, never exceed, even slightly, over any tracks coming from the opposite direction. I hope this explains it without any confusion. 10-15 years ago, rings around the trees USED to be the thing to do.:)


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Rename your chainsaw,"THE WIND" sneek in when nobody's home, chop down all trees that are in the way of your stripes, if anyone asks what happened reply,"THE WIND MUST HAVE DID IT!!!"


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Visualize a square lot with an oval planting bed in the middle.

I "cut in" the perimeter first. Then I would begin mowing say from the left side of the lot towards the right with a vertical or front to back (house to curb) pattern.

When I reach the ornamental bed I would make 2 passes around it until I reach the left side where I began to circle.

At this point, I would begin mowing from the planter bed to the far side of the lot (house) and continue back and forth in this fashion weather its 3 passe or 33 passes until i have reached the other end of the planting bed.

Then I would go back to the left side and begin mowing from the planter bed to the front side of the lot (curb)and continue until I have reached the other end of the planter bed from this side.


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No question is dumb here. I can give some dumb answers now and then! LOL But there ARE no dumb questions. Thanks kutnkru! I forgot entirely about what we call "shut off points". This holds true with large spruces, and other objects of substantial size. Rdh, as long as you keep your deck full, and you're consistent on your row widths, your rows will match right back up on the other sides of these things.

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If you want to see an example of what was posted above, I have a lawn with several mulched areas in the middle on a picture on my website. Go click on my signiture and then click on lawn pictures, scroll down to the 7th picture to see the one with beds all over.

I agree, there is no dumb question.

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