How to Mulch for Summer Cut Height of Fescue

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jmarkwood, Jun 11, 2002.

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    I currently have my Metro 36 with mulch baffle/blades height set:
    Axle E
    Spindle 3 below/1 above
    Caster 4 1/2 below/ 1 3/16 above
    This supposedly equals 3 3/8 cut height.

    Blades Exmark mulching blades - newly sharpened

    The Notched foils on side discharge cutting at 2 7/8 (Factory Setting - 1/2 inch lower) for spring was awesome, but raising the height and adding the mulch kit is making the Fescue look unmanicured.

    Terry stated that it is difficult to get a manicured look with the mulch kit at 3 inches or higher. Is everyone just side discharging?

    It is recommeded to cut fescue at 3 to 3 1/2 by all the Turf University sites.

    What height are Mid- Atlantic (VA) members normally cutting fescue at for summer?

    Thanks, Jay
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    Just an FYI. It is more difficult to get that "manicured cut" above 3" when mulching. Play with the front caster spacer arrangement a little bit. This doesnÂ’t greatly effect the cutting height and will allow you to fine tune the rake for the types of grasses, conditions and terrain in your area.

    Normally a flat pitch works great on a mulching deck when cutting at 2.5" or below. You may find that adding a little rake will help when cutting above 3". It varies a little from lawn to lawn but some lawns you'll get a visual improvement by swapping one or two caster spacers up and adding a little rake.

    On my 32" I found this to be the case with the fescue in my back yard and a less significant improvement on the blue grass in the front. Ironically adding a little rake on this two-blade machine I also saw a slightly more pronounced stripe.



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