How to not micromanage employees

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Utah Lawn Care, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Not everyone who says they don’t like to be micromanaged is like that though. New guy could move into town with 20 years under his belt looking for a job and go to work for a guy with 10 years under his belt who has never had a very experienced guy working for him. 10 year guy destroys a huge opportunity by managing the guy right out the door. He comes to you and tells you he doesn’t like being micromanaged because he just came from a horrible experience with that yesterday. You throw out a huge opportunity because he said he doesn’t like to be micromanaged.

    I understand what you are getting at - but you need to have the rigor to dig deeper when someone says that. Obviously you need a bit of a conformist if you have a established system that works well and a great culture. But you also need a guy who knows his stuff and can deliver great results. And if you’re looking for the guys who have to be micromanaged, you’re looking the wrong way.
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    If there is not a good system that truly works, the person that does not want to be managed could be the one that saves the business. But, experience and track record counts. I say however, that someone that is good at what they do is probably not working for someone else.
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    Not true. There are thousands of people in this industry who work for other people. These are the cream of the crop in our industry honestly.
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    Location makes a difference. Then again, I have not seen a company culture in my state that I could live with.
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    Are there a lot of lawn/landscape cpmpanies there? When we there, Oahu didn’t seem very big geographically. Seems like you could easily have a saturated market like we have here.
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    one of my outlooks on managing is bulletins handed out to employees are good as instead of stopping people after every little mistake they make to correct them just write it down then put it on a say a weekly or monthly bulletin . another thought is have daily log sheet in each truck with any bulletins wrote out on it and have crew leader read out any bulletins that arise upon arrival at each job site . yes obviously some errors have to be pointed out immeadiately , but theres all kinds of smaller errors that imo can be pointed out via bulletins which makes for fewer moments of possible friction with employees
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    That's not true at all. I can't think of anyone who wants to constantly be told what to do or where to go.

    Sounds like you have a system breakdown and are trying to pass blame to the employees...
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    If you are interviewing new guys. And one says they don't like being micromanaged.... Stay away from that guy. I'm not saying that micromanaging is a good thing. Just that anyone new voicing concern with that is a pain from day one.
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