How to plug a 16-inch tire

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by topsites, Jun 3, 2005.

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    Since car tire repairs run 15 dollars/plug, I figured truck tires are like 20 or more.

    So I bought a tire-repair kit and recently had a nail in one the tires of the D-250. Unlike smaller trucks, these truck tires are thick and it was impossible to drive the T-bar hole-primer through the radial lining.
    S I got an electric drill, put a small drill bit in it, and drilled the hole out carefully. Then primed it with the tool, and stuck the plug in it.

    Voila! :sleeping:
  2. Jason Rose

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    Yeah I hear ya, the "reamer" the is like a coarse round file is tough enough to jamb in the holes on the trailer tires, never tried a load rated truck tire before... Whatever gets the hole open to the right size to accept the plug, go for it! Did you use rubber cement? My kit says to use the rubber cement on both the reamer and the plug tool. Helps 'lube' everything up too.

    My theory is that I have no problem plugging trailer tieres, but the tires on my good truck will always get professionaly patched. The work truck I can plug-em too, I run them till their darn near bald so I'm bound to pick up everything on the road. (not on the good truck though, nice tires all the time there, then they get 'retired' to the ford when they start to wear)

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