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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by NYRookie, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. NYRookie

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    Just got my first digital camera the other day. I tried to post some pics, but it said they were too big. I used the search, but I am not the smartest computer guy out there. Any help would be appriciated. It's a Kodak and a Dell computer if that helps at all.
  2. Turfdude

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    If you have a selection button on your camera, set it for a minimu quality setting (econo mode) and it will still give a decent pic, just a smaller file size. Otherwise, you'd have to open the pic, "crop it" w/ another program, save the new smaller pic and attach that in the attach file box. Good luck
  3. GLAN

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    Resize your picture to 450 x 450 pixels
  4. ElephantNest

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    Your camera should have come with some software to allow you to resize. Save your pics to My Documents or where ever, then right click, "open with"....., and look for like Hot Shot or some similar it with that and resize away.

  5. The Lawn Boy Pro

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    640 x 480 (the really big display setting on a monitor-EVERYTHING is HUGE on it)--thats the LARGEST you can post a picture. The pic can only be like 150 Kb too ( I think)
  6. Rooster

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    NY Rookie;

    When you reply to a post or make a new thread you type in a text box, like I am doing now.

    Go to the SECOND section below that box, titled: Attach File, left click once on the button titled: Browse.

    This will take you to your hard drive, search your hard drive for the picture you want to post. Once you find the picture you want to post left click 1 time to select the picture, left click the open button on the lower right hand side of the screen that is open.

    After you click the open button, you will be back at the reply screen with the text box where you typed your message originally.

    Left click 1 time the "Submit Reply" button if you picture is small enough it will post if not your picture will need to be resized.

    If your picture needs to be resized, send me an email with the picture attached I will resize the picture for you, and email back to you.

    IMPORTANT: I believe that the max size a picture can be is 640 X 480, Although 450 X 450 works better in my opinion.

    If you need any help at all just let me know.

    Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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