How to prevent Castlewall stones from being stolen

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    I have a customer that has a flowerbed located in the front of her house. It is made out of Castlewall stones. Someone has stolen twelve of the stones from her flowerbed wall. Any ideas how I could prevent these stones from being stolen? Is there an epoxy glue or some type of mortar that could be used between the stones? If so, how clean would the surface have to be? Thanks for any help!
  2. EagleLandscape

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    PL Adhesive. Put them inbetween all the stones.

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    Thanks John.
    Will call the distributor listed for Fresno tomorrow.
    This site is great !!!
  4. AceFinish

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    Glue works never encountered that problem of people stealing stones we had somebody come down into our yard at night and steal about a grand worth of plant material.
  5. paolaken

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    i've had that happen. pulled them out of the ground at a taco bell. just planted that day. stolen that night.
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    That is today’s society.
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    Ill add to that, Ive had perenials stolen from the back of my truck twice while stopping real quick for lunch. Funny how you load up 12 at the shop and only have 10 when you get to the job. No blocks stolen, but have had dumpsters at jobsites over weekends and when we arrive on monday there are couches and trash filiing them up. Needless to say we dont stop anywhere anymore when hauling material. I second the glue idea, I think you can find PL at the depot, or any masonry store will have several kinds of glue.
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    go buy a inferred game camera....cabelas has them cheap

    strap it to a tree and camo it up with some branches

    check pics the next day

    Go whup the living hell out of whoever it is and get your stuff back

    if they dump garbage find out where they live and dump a load of stumps, leaves and their garbage on there front lawn

    if you whup ass you might get in trouble... the garbage... no cop will ever arrest you.... not around here anyway... noone likes a litterbug

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    Yah these were container and some b&b they dropped one in the middle of the lot and we noticed it the next and on top of that we were pouring a new concrete driveway the drove through fresh concrete.
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    Just for the record I have had stones stolen off of completed stack walls. It ended out being a person walking their dog. As they walked the dog they would take one stone a day and carry it home.

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