how to price 60 yards of muchling

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ajslands, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. ajslands

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    hey i was just wondering what a good ball park price of a 60 yrd muclh job would be, i was thinking 25$ per man per hour, but it is my aunt and uncle that i am doing it for, but i need money and i will be using a bocat skidsteer to spread the mulch so i gotta throw that in to (gas).. and was wondering how long it would take, its a little hily and about 5 trees in the area..
  2. ghfire

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    I charge 60$ a yard installed. So 3600$. Maybe a 10% discount for family. It depends on how close you are to them and if they are rich. 60 yards is a lot of mulch. Business is business.
  3. Coastline Lawn

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    This is very good advice. 60 yards of mulch is a lot of work. I get quality mulch at wholesale. Cost 20.00 a yard. I multiply it times three to cover material labor and profit. 3600.00 is exactly what I would charge. Are you putting down 60yrds alone? Are they supplying the material? Have you ever done this much mulching before? Hell, 30 yards is a lot for one man. If you do it for any less then this you are just killing yourself for less than you are worth... I learned many years ago doing more work for less is not as smart as doing less work for more. I also learned that you always get screwed working for friends and family. Especially so called friends. When they ask nowadays it goes in one ear and out the other. But you may not be in a position to act like that, (Read-Money). You will be glad when you are though...
  4. unkownfl

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    I would seriously consider spraying it in.
  5. DiyDave

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    Not to brag, here, but I have been known to apply 30 yards of mulch, in one day, with my ASV RC30, and my lonesome self, doing the hand labor, and driving the machine. Was pretty sore the next day, though! Watch that loader, you don't want to rut up a nice lawn, though. $3600 sounds high, for family. Depends on how much you need the work, and how much you like them!:laugh::laugh::waving:
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    well how much can you get multch for? I honestly think 60 a yard for family would be a deal i charge around 85+ depending on the job and multch only cost me around $18
  7. integrityman

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    ajs- This is a lot of mulch. That said, the bobcat will make things go really fast. are you going to pick up the mulch or are you having it delivered?
  8. Landscape Poet

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    It is family, with that being said, give a slight discount. You may not even been considered if you were not family, think of it that way. And remember long after ur business is gone ur family will still be there. Now with all that being said, make sure u are making close to what you could make elsewhere, if you are not normally overly busy this time of year, make sure you tkae care of them.
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    I would not charge them an hourly rate. I would charge a flat rate based upon how long I expect it to take and make a commitment to that number. Otherwise, you are opening yourself up to scrutiny if they think you are not working at a fast enough pace.

    Like someone else asked... have you checked into having blown in?
  10. Your best bet is to have this much mulch blown in. Charge 8% instead of 10 and still make out on the deal. Even if you got it done in ten to twelve hours, that's hours you can bill for on another job. So take the 288 dollars you just made off the mulch compound that with the 4 to 500 dollars you can make elsewhere and turn into a really profitable day. Fam or not business is business and this too large for one person to do in one day by themself
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