How to price a pond

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by ajslands, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Start another thread with some build pics and details. This sounds like a cool project.
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    this is the **** i hate soooooo bad wen you go give a price and some kid comes in and really screws it up..... ( just get the numbers :dizzy: and the know how to do this before going and making all us look like ****)))_))
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    I salute you for your efforts.
    I started business when I was 16, and you can be successful. Screw all the old guys on this forum...

    Before you install that big of a pond and waterfall for a client, be very sure you understand all options in materials and construction techniques.

    You said you have experience, so I won't criticize too much; just be 100% sure that you would want the products that you are selling your client to be installed in the same manor in front of your $400,000 house. After thinking about the money statement, please realize that you are probably working for someone who is making an investment in their home or property...Just think of how you would want it done if you spent X amount on a property and a home... You want something great!

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