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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JonsLawn, May 23, 2010.

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    I am going to be putting a bid in to mow the common areas in my subdivision and the road ways to the ditch the devloper thinks it will take about 8 hours a week... what would you guys charge? I have never done commerical mowing do you generally charge more? or less? or the same? I was thinking somewhere between 450 and 550 a week....I have insurance and license... formed under s-corp.
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    How much time do YOU think its gonna take? I do bids where the developer or person in charge say, "The last company was here 8 hours a day" Well how big was his crew? What type of equipment does he have? How fast was his crew? Lots of questions you need to ask yourself. I just got a property where the Property Manager said the last company and 8 guys there all DAY!! And by all day I mean 7am to around 6pm. I send 5 guys there from 7am to 3pm and we have serviced more in a month than they did in 2 months. So dont take his word for it, figure out the time its gonna take you to do it and then adjust your price from there. If I have a property that needs a full crew all day once a week, then the minimum charge is gonna be $4k a month, and then I adjust for trimming, trash, irrigation check time, blowing, etc..
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    I think that it would take anywhere between 7 and 10 hours... to do mowing and trimming... and of course some home owners mow there own to the ditch so it would save a little time...
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    commerical is unlike resident.

    keep your hourly rate.

    Grass is GRASS. doens't matter who ownes it.

    if you make 50.00 an hour bid it at 50.00 an hour

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