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how to price plant install jobs


LawnSite Member
New Jersey
ihave 41 plants jobs to price do this make any senase ???please help

whole sale * retail coustomers pay per plant
30$ @50% =45$ * 2.5 90$@6plants = 540 $

my point is how much to charge on the markup on the retail price or is that to high please help ?


LawnSite Member
Paris, Tn.
We charge similar to Kirby. Take the total amount of plants and supplies, Fertilizer, Soil Amendments, etc. Multiply that by 60%. Then I add for Mulch. Some people want an enormous amount of mulch for large beds but not so many shrubs, this isn't fair to include the mulch in all jobs as the same amount, so I add for the mulch to the plant and labor costs. This has worked well for us.

Good Luck,
Greg Pierce, CTP


LawnSite Member

Ray, you must really be sick and have alot of time on your hands. This is the first time I can recall you posting on the landscaoe forum. If that bronchitis keeps up, soon we'll be seeing you in the Snowplow forum :D



Millenium Member
Trapped in my room with a humidifier, 60 channels on TV with nothing to watch, and a computer. The puter wins! I have posted here a few times, not sure about that snowplow thing though. :D A few more days of this and I will catch up with Lazer and Eric.