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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by MrDirt8, Jun 5, 2011.

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    I am new to the business...i have been doing landscaping for about 5 years, but i have become new to this quoting idea and it's tough. A customer needs 6 yards of mulch delivered and installed....mulch from 25 to 30 per yard from supplier and then a delivery fee usually on top of that.

    They also need roughly 45 bushes trimmed that are for the most part below waist level...they are burberry and boxwood type bushes for the most part. The customer also needs 250 linear feet of flower bed edging done with one of the walk behind bed edgers

    Also 8 bushes removed that are about three and a half feet tall by three feet wide...i would have to get some roots out too....minor weeding and bed prep involved with the edging


    Any insight would be greatly appreciated and i hope i added enough to get a rough quote to help me out :usflag:
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    well the mulch should be pretty simple. We simply sell the mulch at retail price from the supplier. So if we are buying it for $24/yard and the company will sell it to homeowners for $28/yard well thats our price to them as well $28/yard. We figure 45 minutes to 1 hour per yard. So thats $26-30.00/yard in labor. So its sold at $54-58/yard. For regular ds hardwood brown.

    We can snag 6 yards by ourself, so we will generally just charge like $50 in fees for delivery. IF we have it delivered, we add 10% to the delivery price from the company.

    For those small bushes, it isnt going to be too bad, becasue you can clean up majority of the debris, but the littler stuff doesnt need to be since your re-mulching. I would figure on about 3 minutes per shrub with cleanup, so your looking at like 3 hours more or less on that.

    Edging really depends on what needs to be done. Is there already an edge and you just need to redefine it, or are the edges non existant. Most people on here are at about $.5-1/linear foot on edging. We are actually a little lower on redefining at $.45/foot with a bed edger $.75 if we have to do it by spade.

    Bed prep shouldnt take that long really maybe an hour and a half or so (at least with how we prep beds). We weed them all, clean all the debris out, then take our mulch pro or pitch forks and break up the old mulch and smooth it out so then the new mulch isnt on the old hard mulch, its on a good base and it can actually stick in place and water can flow really easily to the roots of the plants.

    Id probably do that job in the neighborhood of $750-850 or so. Including material disposal and such.
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  3. B&GLandscaping

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    everything done by the hour. plus the delivery charge. thats how I would charge is by my base labor rate.
  4. lukemelo216

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    unfourtunately in this enviorment with the economy you need to be able to give a fixed price. You should be able to have a general idea of how long something takes, apply your hourly rate to that time and theres your price.

    Certain work should be bid hourly yes. But simple tasks like mulch, edging, trimming som bushes, thats easy work that you can have a fixed rate for. Taking out the bushes I can maybe see giving an hourly rate, but I would still try to give a fixed price on it too.

    What I do on jobs that i feel should be bid hourly is this. Say for example those shrubs to remove them. Since I cant see below the ground I am going to assume that its the worst possible scenerio. I may figure 30 minutes per bush to get them out. I will tell the customer it will be $150.00 to take out those bushes, or $40/mn hour which ever is less. Plus $35 disposal fees. I dont do it very often, but I do give that option to my clients on jobs like that where I may potentially lose out if i dont bid it high enough.
  5. McVey Landscape

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    Get as much as you can get! Sounds like a fun job!
  6. lukemelo216

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    I think he understands the concept of getting as much as he can get. Since he has been landscaping for about 5 years now, he should have a very good idea as to what ts going to take to get the job done, hes just looking for pricing guides, which i provided for him based on my prices. Im not tellign him to use my prices, but its just an idea.

    He is close to my area, so pricing shouldnt be way way off, hes probably going to be a little higher than me. as said before, pricing isnt a regional thing, its an area thing. I live on the border between WI and IL and let me tell you, I go down about 20 miles and the price is certainly higher. People I know are getting more like $70/yard for shredded hardwood and were getting between 58 and 62 per yard.
  7. Barrett Landscaping

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    $80/ yard and no less.
  8. MrDirt8

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    well i did not get that job but i have gotten others since and i am at 55 dollars per yard its a nice profit on the mulch and you are right about the bush removal they are hard to price by fixed cost but it makes sense to think the worst and if it is easier it works out better in the end...

    i just learned the hard way on pricing a bush trimming job...way under bid that bad boy should have been about 25 dollars know you screw up when the customer says ''oh hell yeah do that'' lesson learned hahaha...yea it is a lot of work to keep all these people happy but hey the money is there so lets keep it up....

    thanks for all the help guys i appreciate it a lot
  9. cpllawncare

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    So far that's been the easiest way for me. Mulch jobs just double what you pay plus delivery cost and there is your cost installed.
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    Yep I'm at 80-100 per yard to clean and trim and mulch.

    I would be out of business with the quickness if I just doubled what I pay formthe mulch and why don't you get the mulch with your own truck and trailer we don't need no stinking delivery truck!

    We installed 22 yards at one res today along with installing 2 12 ft dogwoods. We busted ass today everybody was drained the heat was bad
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