How to price work for my Deere 270 skid?


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Somewhere in FL
I purchased the machine to do some grading on some property I own and also to plant some palms at my house. I did plan to occasionally use it on my jobs for moving materials and removing concrete but I'm not sure how to price it for grading work. A neighbor out at my property approached me about doing some grading. I've gotten fairly proficient running the machine and I wouldn't even have to trailer it. The machine is big for a wheeled skid (8200 lbs, 80hp, almost 3k lift capacity). What do you try to bring in per day with this size machine? I would never quote a customer a per hour or per day price, but what do you figure you need to bring in per hour? I plan on just estimating my hours and quoting him a job price.


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Rigby, Idaho
I have a machine about that size 85hp and 3000 pound roc. I price it at $85.00 an hour. You have to. They drink a lot of fuel.

Once your step off your property, make sure that you have an insurance policy that covers you. I know its just grading, but it always starts out like that pretty soon your 2' below grade (which likely changed since utility install) and your into gas and fiber optic line zone or you back into something or someone. Make sure you cover yourself.


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Delta, PA
I figure $70-80 an hour for my machine depending on job. More for attachments other than bucket or pallet forks. -05 JD 320 (2000 ROC, 65 HP) So yeah, I'd say $85 is fair. I would probably be more with a bigger machine, but he is your neighbor :)