How to properly flash this area for steps??

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by djmn, Jun 25, 2007.

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    I'm building a set of platform steps against the corner of the house. I plan on using a modified pedestal method so there will be block and rock right up directly against the house. I'll obviously remove the siding in this area. I removed the deck ledger board and this is the result.
    How do I properly flash the area where the steps will be in contact with the house?
    You can't really tell but there is about an inch of insullation that protrudes out from the poured concrete foundation. Do I need to build some sort of special J channel flashing to deal with this?
    I was thinking of using a self adhesive "ice/water" type flashing. Would I attach that directly to the house/foundation insulation or should I maybe use traditional metal flashing first and then cover it with the self adhesive type?
    Anybody deal with this type of stuff on a regular basis?


  2. ChampionLS

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    I would cut away your siding and install aluminum flashing all the way around. Also, if your above the foundation, make sure you put tar paper or heavy mill plastic behind that to keep water/moisture away. When your done, you can finish the siding with a "J" Channel for a perfect fit.
  3. djmn

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    Thanks Champion...
    I think i'll end up using aluminum flashing all the way up like you said and then use that rubberized flashing that Grace makes on top of it for added "security".
    I guess I just didn't know how to make the transition between the house and the foundation insulation with the flashing.
    I suppose I could nail it into the sheathing of the house and glue/caulk it to the foundation isulation on the bottom. It has a thin layer of cement covering it.
    Good or bad idea?
  4. D Felix

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    The ice dam/ice shield material will be adequate. You don't really need both, but I prefer the ice dam material over the aluminum. Do not caulk anything to the house, unless it's a bead at the top. If you caulk at the bottom and any water gets in, it won't have a place to drain down and out. The nice thing about the ice dam is that it is self-sealing. It appears that the deck ledger board was already flashed with it.

    Just be careful installing the ice dam- it will leave black asphalt marks on the siding, especially on a hot day. Goo Gone should take it off though.

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