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How to remove Bamboo?


LawnSite Platinum Member
Garland, Texas
Ok, got a call today from a prospective customer. On her side yard she has a bunch of bamboo. I could easily cut it off at ground level but it would grow back... So whats the best / easiest way to kill it off for good?

Norm Al

LawnSite Bronze Member
tampa, florida
the ONLY way to kill it is to keep busting it off! if it is "trailing bamboo" which runs all over the place, keep cutting it off and eventually it will go away! it will only send shoots in spring!

if it is "clumping bamboo" then you can dig the clump and throw it away and it will be gone!

Gene $immons

LawnSite Bronze Member
Avoid this job like the plague. Bamboo is a pain to remove at ground level. You almost have to do it piece by piece with BIG loppers. As far as removing the roots, I'm not sure. How big is the area? Maybe you can poison the soil somehow. Or use a hormone.

Maybe you could rent/use a small backhoe to really dig up the area good. Shoveling by hand takes too long.


LawnSite Senior Member
OK......LISTEN TO ME! I have bamboo @ my house, and my ex has it at her house. Bamboo is extremely hard to control, let alone kill. To control it you will need a few semi-expensive tools. You will need to rent a trencher (probably 100-150 a day) you also need 8" wide to 12" wide aluminum flashing (such as what is used in houses). Trench out the area you want the bamboo to stay in and insert the flashing into the trench LEAVING 2" to 3" sticking out of the top of the ground. Make sure that if you run out of a roll of flashing in the middle of your run, you overlap by another 4"-5". This will control it. To kill it, you will have to bid the job at about $80 per hour + materials and have a full day (sunup to sunset) that you can work....dig up the runners, and start pulling, when you are sure that you have gotten all of the runners, then trench and put the flashing in as I stated above. Be sure to spray the main rooted area very well when you are done. *Important* when digging up runners/roots, use a wooden handled shovel or a very heavy guage metal shovel, NEVER USE FIBERGLASS, I have snapped 2 of them already, naturally I'm using wooden now and haven't snapped any....Ok, I'm done, sorry my post is so long.



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Winchester, VA
That mess spreads like cutzoo. My grandparents had a ton of it until the highway took their house. Started with one plant one plant, by the time they moved there was probably two acres of it. They tried to cut it back to no avail. Was really run to play in in my younger days.


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Memphis, TN
The only way to get rid of it is to get a bobcat and dig the entire area up. If ANY root is left anywhere in the ground it will be back. No chemical will kill it.


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I have a bamboo house from heck..we have to cut it down 3 times a year, for the past 5 years. We have tried everything. Herbicide, total weed/grass killer, and nothing works.

The gasoline and match worked for a little while.....just kidding


LawnSite Member
Are you guys talking about Nandina Domestica "heavenly bamboo?" Around here they use it as an ornamental plant in landscapes and it's somewhat costly.