How to repair jersey barrier spots???


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My work has acquired property from the US Govt (US Marines) that in the past has had jersey barriers ringing some of the buildings for force protection. Now that the Marines are gone and the property is ours I would like to get all those 2' x 6' spots of bare ground back to growing grass. What is the best method to do this??? Would it be as simple as tilling them up a bit and reseeding or more involved??? Thank you for your help.


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Grand Rapids MI
I think some mild tilling or a slit seeder would work fine. What kind of grass? However--if rains do not come steadily, your chances for a good stand are low. Be ready to reseed in fall as soon as temps come down to about 85 in August.


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What do you have for soil?

With the wrong strategy for the soil, you are just shooting in the dark... is that how your business is done? :)