How to replace coil on a Kawasaki engine

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by blabarre, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Hey guys I have a John Deere 717a with a 19 hp Kawasaki engine (fh601v). Well for the past year I have what I thought was a carb issue but I think I just figured out its a bad coil. The mower has been spitting and sputtering for a while, normally when transitioning from low idle to high idle. Well I just cranked my mower to test the coils and when I pulled the left spark plug boot off the mower died. When I pulled the right it continued to run. So does this mean the right one is bad? The mower has never died when running and doesn't always sound like its running on one cylinder.

    So with all that being said, does anyone have a step by step write-up on how to replace this for my engine?


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    You should pull the plugs first, could just be a fouled plug. Gap is .030.

    Coil install is fairly easy. Remove the shroud, rotate flywheel so magnet is away from coil and remove coil. When mounting the new one, pull the coil away from the flywhl. and just snug the bolts. Then rotate the flywhl so the magnet is under the coil and insert a business card between em. Loosen the bolts holding the coil and the magnet will pull the coil in , setting the gap. Tighten the bolts and rotate the flywhl while pulling the card out. The correct gap is .008 - .016.
    A card is around .010, so that works out pretty good. Anything non-metallic can be used as long as it's in the range.

    Ya wanna clean the heads/fins while ya got the shroud off.
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    Cool thanks. I put new spark plugs in it earlier this year and it still did the same thing. I bought new plugs to put in it this off season as well. It has been sputtering for quite some time now. I am hoping it is the coil so I can finally have a diagnosis. My mower is 340 hrs on it. I guess it is also time to adjust the valves?
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    My own similar, yet intermittent issue was also remedied with a new coil. I could smell gasoline in the exhaust when she was running on one cylinder.

    Your 19hp will be purring real soon!
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    I hope so. I am ready for my engine to be running smooth again!

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