How to replace the parking brake equalizer on a 93 F250?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by OKSooner, May 20, 2012.

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    Tried posting this on F150online but no takers...

    Y'know that little stamped steel doodad that connects the parking brake cable, coming from the parking brake pedal, to the two cables that each go to the brakes on each rear wheel?

    Mine broke from metal fatigue. So I got a new one, fortunately, from my local dealer. It has three keyhole-shaped holes in it - one in the center, for the forward cable, and two holes on either end, one for each rear cable. It looks to me like it installs by slipping the cable stop for each cable thru the big portion of the keyhole shape, and then around to where the cable stop is bearing on the small part of the keyhole shape. You do this for each cable, forward and rear.

    Of course, there's got to be a certain amount of slack in the lines. I tried doing it by pulling the parking brake pedal all the way up into the release position and then pulling the slack out of the rear cables. Obviously I'm still missing something.

    If I have to pull off the rear brake drums and un-adjust the brakes to get mucho slack in the rear cables, how is this done? Any special brake tools required? Or is there some other way that doesn't involve messing with the brakes that I just don't know about?

    Thanks in advance.
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    its been a long time since working on a ford as old as that , you might have to remove the drums ,but first completely back off and remove the adjuster nut and see if you can get the cables back together .
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    You have to pull the cable out to get slack. I use wire cutters and lineman pliers and work it out
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    Probably get some good info on

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