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How to save $$$ and time


LawnSite Member
waconia MN
First thing I did was get my self back into an enclosed trailer. I drove 300 miles and bought a new Haulmark 7x14 v nose trailer. I found Blue Grass Trailers on ebay and saved almost $2000. I sold my Exmark laser Z 27hp Kohler with a 60 inch deck for $1800 more on Craigs list (2 days) than the local dealer was willing to give me. I bough my new mower, a Toro Z master 23hp kubota diesel liquid cooled with a 60 inch turbo force deck. Once again off ebay I found Pat over in White Bear Lake (30 miles from my home). He sold me the Z master for $10,000, and it was the best buy ever. I put a mulch kit and a striping roller on it and I couldn't be happier. I also bought a new Stihl trimmer and 550 backpack blower from Pat because he was super cool and knocked more $$$ off for these items. The blower was under $400 out the door and it kicks butt. Once again Sthil products ALWAYS live up to there reputation. I also learned of quick straps on this site and bought a pair, yes ebay again. They make life so much better. The bottom line is this. I never thought I would dump my exmark, and it was a tough choice. But the local dealer who I bought my last mower from wasn't willing to cut me a deal. He figured I was only a mile away and he had me. Well I'm glad he was a jerk because the Toro rules. The Z Master is SO much smoother, better cut and the gas I save with the diesel is incredible. At first I was afraid the 23hp Kubota wasn't going to be enough in the longer stuff because I leave the mulch kit on all year long. Well its has lots off power and I would tell everyone to get this mower if you have bigger type lawns. My truck is a 2001 Dodge 2500 Ram V10. It pulls the trailer great and plows like a dream. The only thing I would change is the truck. Diesel is the only way to go. Its a hard switch over but man with the gas prices going up its a no brainer. And the enclosed trailer is saving me lots of time just locking it up at night instead of loading and unloading. Last thing, the striping roller. DON'T get one the full length of the deck. It gets in the way and turns into a digger on uneven areas. Get one thats smaller than the deck, it sounds wierd but true. If your charging big $$$ for a cut you gotta have a roller.


LawnSite Member
Western PA
the grass may be different up there in MN, but don't you clean the deck off with the mulch kit? I mulch and only cut when it is dryand also use Mo-deck, but i still will get a build up by the end of the day. so i hose the deck off every day when unloading into the garage. it takes less than 5 mins.


LawnSite Senior Member
Chanhassen, MN
Im assuming you shop at waconia farm supply (or you did...) The stihl stuff is the best I must aggree. This trailer you got, how much did it cost you and where can I get a little one? Im looking for a good deal on a trailer cant find anything!